Thoughts materialize and become experience in infinite creation.


Our thoughts are how we perceive “the universe and our every experience.” Many things in your life, from how you will live to how people will treat you, are creations of your thoughts. And thought is eternal, continuous. You accept many thought forms that belong not only to you, but also to others. You carry within your soul many belief systems from your mother, father, ancient ancestors, members of a soul group you have never met, and even representatives of different galactic lifetimes. For you are not separate from the whole; your body, which belongs to Mother Earth with every cell of yours. And your soul to the eternal source of the Creator…

When your thought is sufficiently focused on one point, it begins to materialize. And it becomes an experience. Experience creates new forms of thinking. We are in a process of creation that will continue forever. Because this is our way of progressing in this world; materialized thoughts.. And new, more advanced thoughts created from material experience… The goal is to learn new virtues. “Mastering” the virtues you are learning. Now and Forever…

How does thought create your life experience? The pineal gland is the seal through which cognition manifests. Whatever knowledge you allow to be received will first become a reality in your body; because the pineal gland sends this thought to the body in the form of an electric current, which is recorded as an emotion. The more limitless the thought, the stronger and faster the frequency radiates through your body, and the lighter and more energized you feel. This feeling is then recorded and stored in your soul as a certain frequency. The sensation of every thought that is recorded in your soul is reflected in your aura as an expectation, and this expectation activates the electromagnetic part of your light field, drawing to you what is similar to your general attitude of thinking – just like a magnet – to you. It will attract situations, events, objects or entities to you, which will create all your thoughts, the same emotions that are felt in the body. Why? As a reward for an experience called wisdom, so that you can experience your thoughts in 3D reality.” -Ramtha

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