These days will pass, but what matters is how they went.


This is a state where one can neither remain in the world nor go deep into dreams. A better term and the resulting despair, anger, guilt because you think you can’t help… What does that tell you, human?

state of shock it hits you where you least expect it and says only one thing; “Stop!”: With this state of yours, we have given you many opportunities to move on, to change, but you did not choose this, we are helping you with this change now … We are stopping you because we want to bring you along with your true desire. Because your original desire and our desire are the same. We’re going in the same direction: Awakening.

thoughts in your head and genius, you have to transcend your DNA, your body. The entire universe, all angels and ascended guides serve you on this path. Every event you experience gives you a message to open and read, but you throw away the envelope without even opening it. ‘Doesn’t matter.‘ you say… “There is no need to understand, let’s keep the current situation, that’s enough.”, you say. But can you remember that you are one with nature, and nothing in nature remains the same forever … It becomes artificial. Do you remember that the only constant in life is change itself. You want to be artificial, but we call you to your true nature; You must change the person. You have to get up and move forward. You must change, transform, see, understand and rise…

That was your first desire: to expand (raise) your consciousness to include everything. To expand your consciousness to love, fully open your heart studied, this world in terms of the game. You are pure love, you came into this world to forget it and remember it again.

How and how quickly did you forget that you were going your own way? You must go back and look at what you forgot… Look at the book that was sealed inside before sending you to this world, there is all the information about how to live in this world… Look at the self-knowledge inside… And what are you there you will find: The whole universe. from you will. This universe is you. This world is a mirror, and what you see is, of course, your reflection. The reflection of the collective in the collective, the reflection of individual beliefs in an individual life… This life is just a reflection so that from there you can see yourself and know your Lord… This is a wonderful person who can read himself… Finally, you will see that you are sitting in the center of everything. You will wake up that the will is you. uniqueness If true, what does that mean?

This is a platform where you reflect your will … It’s just a game. It’s up to you to make it fun or turn it into tyranny. Open your mind, open your heart.

Hands are an extension of the friend once said… Do you know the energy field of a torus? A resonant field emanating from your heart… Yes, everything is in your hands and everything is in your heart… A beating at the center of everything one heart you will find in the end and that heart is your heart too…

It is time to take this responsibility into your heart… Look at your heart, go back there, stay in your heart and give us your beauty from there, and we will show you from your life. Your mirror of lifewe said…

You rise, your life rises too… You will get up, all these pains will be erased… Life consists of moments. Wisdom turns pain into a sweet dream … “My problem was the cure for me.” It makes you talk, it makes you love… Wisdom makes you look at your pain like a loving father, you almost approach your pain with sympathy and love, they have become your old friends, not your enemies. They turned into wisdom and raised you up. So that pain ceases to be pain, but a lesson. When this happens, you feel like you never suffered. We said; Pain is no longer pain, but life is a moment. So, it has undergone metamorphosis and turned into knowledge that you have learned, now it is knowledge. Read.

You know these days will pass. Life has always gone on, continues and will continue after all other pains, chaos and even lost tribes… These days will surely pass, and this time we are in such a period; that we cannot continue as before, that changes and transformations are needed. This is the time when he expresses himself clearly, loudly and strongly… So let’s say it again, These days will pass, but what matters is how things go. Late man with wisdom…

You can reach me through @dilekcantimur_celestialbeing on Instagram and/or visit my website I wish you love, fortitude and wisdom … On good days, in higher consciousnesshope to meet again…

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