Tuesday, October 3

Theme 2023: Finding your own themes


we live in post-truth In the era of (post-truth), “truth” becomes more and more useless and gives way to fiction. Thanks to the publicity they’ve gained on social media, everyone looks the way they want to, not the way they are. And yet he does not decide how he wants to look. If he thinks that he is more loved for the way he looks, he tries to look like that. In other words, when he puts on the clothes that he has chosen for himself in accordance with the desires and tastes of others, and says “this is my reality”, he now believes in it himself. It takes effort in this age to hold on to “facts” and not to images.

Just as the image in the mirror is visible, all these created images are also visible. Therefore, people who lose themselves gradually turn into people who are very similar to each other physically, but at the same time having the same tastes and the same discourses. And, of course, all these people are chasing the same dreams and wanting a share of the same things. So, despite all the likes, reposts, and applause, why can’t anyone feel complete and sufficient?

I think the 2023 theme should be for everyone to open their own theme.

Ah, to go back to our childhood and look into the eyes of this innocent, free child and say, “What do you want?” If we could only ask… Actually, this was our very “I” state, if we could communicate with it again, perhaps it would be easier for us to remember our own truths. If we realize that we are still trying to shape our lives in the wake of this child’s childhood, what will we learn about ourselves? We must hold this child’s hand and bandage his wounds so that we can bring back his beautiful imagination and set goals freely. Everything is in place, we just cut or thinned the strings. If there is only one connection we need to strengthen in this life, it is our connection to ourselves. Because only when that connection is strong can we make other connections in our lives in a strong and healthy way.

We need to find our own themes and work on them in order to heal ourselves and return to our essence. Our needs are not what “should be” or “look prettier and cooler”. We all have unique needs, and when we meet them, we feel more complete and adequate. It is customary for us to strive for innovation in the new year, set new goals for ourselves, maybe this year we really should remember the old goals, dreams of our childhood and reshape ourselves in accordance with our true self. This makes it easier to replace facts with images.

May 2023 come with health, peace, joy and happiness and be a wonderful year in which we strengthen our bonds with ourselves.

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