The word for 2022 in the Oxford Dictionary is overwhelmingly “goblin mode”.


I don’t know about you, but for me 2022 was harder than 2021. I can’t say that 2022, which passed at a jet speed after 2020 and 2021, which I didn’t quite understand when I said it was a pandemic, were restrictions , not much less than them. Especially if I look back at my dissertation, which I struggled with a few months ago, I can say that it was a very difficult year. That’s why this year was filled with moments where I often let go of myself and tried to find peace in the arms of emptiness. During the year I often did –and I’m sure many of us also have a routine from time to time.– The fact that this situation has a worthy place in literature, I learned from the posts that I came across yesterday in social networks: goblin mode.

Oxford DictionaryThe Goblin mode, which is among the three words put up for a vote to choose the word of the year, was chosen first by a wide margin. If you are interested in others: metaverse as well as #ISStandWith‘is. 93% of respondents voted for the Goblin mod. How big is the majority? This means that almost everyone in the world spent a year in this mode. So, what is this Goblin mod, what does it say?

What I understand is exactly the process that integrates with the state of boredom, letting go, rejection, development with the McDonald’s order and ending with 3-5 seasons on Netflix. Of course, this is “in my opinion”. But let me share its definition in the literature: “Slang for the unrepentant embrace of lazy, careless, or hedonistic behavior” or in its original form on Wikipedia “Rejection of social expectations and a disorderly, hedonistic life regardless of self-image.” Tell me now, which of us did not enter into this fashion? But with one difference:Wine without remorse“…At least I didn’t have that part. because when I gave up, I left If I said that, I would go back to the top of the to-do list with even more guilt, not deserving the right to rest …

Oxford languages chapter Casper Gratvol, said that after this vote, people perceived “Goblin” in them, and said that he did not expect such a large turnout, but the result was enough to say that we all had a little depression this year. Well, it can be said that a village that looks a little does not want a guide, the situation of the whole world is known …

I am not going to focus on whether this is good or bad, useful or harmful, but I can say that it is necessary to recognize that it is necessary for everyone to take this state from time to time. After all, we experience a lot, enter into expectations, work; we succeed or we fail, we laugh, we cry… And sometimes we really need to go out and accept ourselves for who we are; with food, books, TV shows or anything else that makes us feel good…

Taking a break from the world for a while, enjoying “doing nothing” without feeling guilty, being alone with this “genie” inside yourself, creating space for yourself, turns into a practice of taking care of yourself. It is especially good to know that we are not alone in this, given that this word was chosen as the word of the year. Because being productive is like living a healthy lifestyle. like it was necessary It also makes us aware of how the proposed practices can actually harm our well-being. At least that’s how it worked for me.

Considering the moments we set aside for rest, which is one of our basic needs, blaming and forcing ourselves as a practice of caring rather than seeing it as a “waste of time” may be the most effective way to protect our mental health in the first place in an era when we are trying to cope with many difficulties at the same time…

Let’s hope 2023 is the year we need the Goblin mod less.

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