The support you need throughout the day in the benevolent world of plants


Although the global epidemic that emerged about three years ago and affected the whole world was brought under control through various interventions and measures, we all continue to feel the post-pandemic consequences in many areas of our lives. In addition to these implications, when we consider the various negative events we face in the modern age and the disturbing emotions and thoughts we experience in daily life, we look for solutions that will enhance our quality of life. At this moment, the benevolent world of plants comes to our aid.

Guessed by prof. Dr. Feel Comfortable, Feel Strong and Sleep well teas, developed with Erdem Yeşilada, combine the power of herbs with benefits. You can consume these all natural and 100% herbal teas at the beginning of the day, during the day, or at the end of the day; You can get support to meet the changing needs of your body and mind throughout the day.

feel strong

Ingredients: Cistus incanus, black elderberry, sage, echinacea.

These days, as we begin to feel the winter season well, our primary need to stay physically strong is to maintain a strong immune system. Eating a balanced and healthy diet, adding vitamin-rich fresh vegetables and fruits to our diet, exercising regularly and drinking plenty of water are some of the main steps to support our immune system. Doğadan Strong Feel Black Elderberry Tea with herbs and delicious taste allows us to get the support we need with a warm sip.

feel comfortable

Ingredients: passionflower, lemon balm, chamomile.

There is a lot of negativity that we face in the modern age when we talk about a culture of urgency, endless pursuits, limited time, duties and responsibilities, local or global issues. On the other hand, if we consider the time we spend in front of rapidly evolving technologies and screens, we can say that we are exposed to endless stimuli throughout the day. Thus, it can be extremely difficult to clear your mind and relax when there are so many distractions around. In the evening, making time for your hobbies, Nixen The philosophy of doing nothing, meditating and putting your thoughts on paper can help you relax. Feel Comfortable from Nature with Passiflora is an extra support to help you feel comfortable after a busy day.

Feel ready for a comfortable sleep

Ingredients: lemon balm, Indian basil, chamomile, lemongrass.

At the end of a busy and hectic day, we all certainly want to get rid of stress and sleep in comfort. However, talking about comfortable sleep becomes almost impossible when some disturbing thoughts are spinning in our heads, tasks that we cannot complete during the day, or a to-do list for the next day. Therefore, we may need something to prepare for a comfortable sleep. Stay away from screens and blue light at the end of the day, take warm showers and stretch to prepare your body and mind for sleep. When you need extra support to get ready for a sound sleep at the end of the day, Melisalı Doğadan Good Sleep tea will help you.

To discover the beneficial world of plants, check out Nature’s Feel Strong, Feel Comfortable and Good Sleep teas now.

*This article was prepared with the assistance of Doğadan.

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