The question we forget to ask ourselves these days is, “Are you okay?”


We are going through difficult times. Despair and bitterness are filled with anger, but cannot overshadow deep sadness. I’m not in an earthquake zone. This article is about how to understand yourself, listen and communicate with those who feel the same way as me. As one of those who were not in the earthquake zone, we tried to follow what was happening and get to places that we could afford, and we try.

In the meantime, I myself am crying out for help, the decisions made for the so-called decision, the paintings, the images that quickly went viral thanks to social networks, the decorations made on some of the photos, the video collages created with images of the earthquake and the accompanying complaints about the hometown and the leaves flutter in the wind. I saw that I was thrown from post to post, from news to news. And the result is sleepless nights, a deep sense of shame and guilt when I interfere in life to satisfy my own needs.

This experience, however, was actually the result of selectively controlled follow-up. fatal scroll without doing it. I don’t think I did. Let’s see, are you one of those who do?

Let me open now: Doomscrolling is a new term. Doom means catastrophe, apocalypse, bad luck, and scrolling is the scrolling we do when we read news on social networks, moving on to the next news. Type addiction to bad news…. We can say that this is the last state of our world and the gift of being able to achieve with just one click of a button. We read as we read, we watch as we watch, and we try to cover all available resources about what’s going on. The illusion that if we know everything, we can control it. Humanity, by its very nature, wants to know danger. This is how we gain control in the mental dimension, but unfortunately we can’t really control anything.

The only thing we can control is how exposed we are to this news… We need healthy boundaries. In other words, take responsibility for your own well-being. Speaking of control, nature is what we are trying to control. February 6, August 17, November 4 – the dates are already usual for nature. nature has no calendar!

natural event… It was us humans who made this a disaster.We think that by our choice we will quarrel with nature, and when the time comes, we will pay the price for it. Some of us are dying, some are losing loved ones, some are looking for help and mobilization, some are watching with pain…

When Mount Vesuvius erupted, Pompeii was destroyed along with its inhabitants.
Such is nature…
It’s good when there is a rainbow, a disaster when there is an earthquake!
The damage caused to us by an event governs our perception, but is an earthquake really responsible for the damage?
I don’t think I need to list the chain of culprits. “Human” sufficient.
The one who suffers and the one who gives are also human!

Before the wounds of this place heal Istanbul prophecies roams everywhere. What you need to do for those who live in Istanbul is shared in WhatsApp groups point by point. It is very easy to trigger an alarm. What needs to be done should be on the agenda from 1999, not now. What is the point, I wonder, of dragging people who have been provoked by this helplessness and fear into deeper anxieties? We’re about to lose our functionality anyway… As if a tiny touch is enough!

Also, There is a problem with the school…

I am an educator. I am one of the most sincere supporters of “education first”. We will overcome all problems with education. Learn to take responsibility, not fate. But I cannot explain how indifferent these calls for the opening of primary and secondary schools were to me.

The system, which cannot take care of teachers and school staff, wants to open schools immediately to bring children closer to their peers and get them into a routine. I wonder how many schools have revealed moral and material damage. How many teachers will have a mindful meeting on the morning of February 20th? Teachers and psychologists broadcasting live on social networks are trying to support. There are countless unreliable articles such as trigger toys, forbidden words, inappropriate games.

I would like the teachers to go to school first… They could be given psychological and emotional support. If we first give our teachers the oxygen they need, just like parents put on their oxygen mask first on an airplane… If we can give it… so the kids can hug when they get back to school.

We must not forget LGS/YKS oriented schools who want to turn this situation into an opportunity; They even host online learning hours when schools are closed. Don’t let anyone get away from the race! (I think it’s not worth discussing the absurdity of the decision made for universities. I’m not going to write anything political …)

We are confused…
We all need support.
It can be communication with friends, a session of a psychologist or a charity event.
The most effective is the return to the routine.
Routine is the antidote to trauma.
Are you back to your routine?
Do you find time for morning walks, sports, meditation without guilt?
Can you focus on work?
Can you work hard to produce, create, and add value?
When you’re enjoying the moment, or when your favorite piece is playing, can you accompany without worrying that you’re alive?
Nothing will be…
(We said so in Covid!
It’s like everything is back to what it was… right?
People forget.
Maybe we won’t forget it?

Everyone is responsible for himself.
He is responsible for his choices and decisions.
He is responsible for his conscience, fear, anxiety, joy and sorrow.
Learn responsibility.
Work on accountability to those you can touch! Parent, teacher, group director, department head, principal, etc. Whatever your role, take responsibility. This is the biggest lesson to be learned.
Every day we experience countless things.
On the morning of February 6, we experienced something collective…
We are injured!

Those who were supposed to take responsibility did not take it…
We have suffered even more…
Its action continues, it will continue …
I end by leaving you alone with Gabor Mate’s definition of trauma.
Trauma is not something that happened to you; This is how you felt when it happened to you.

So even Mate says it’s an injury, not an earthquake… Focus on how you really feel…
Are you okay?

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