The Pursuit of Health Episode 3: Holistic Healing of Hearts


global health instituteprepared In pursuit of health Our first two articles in this series were Building Confidence and Dancing Toward Happiness. This article is the third video in the Complete Healing of Hearts series. (Healing of hearts holistically) We are discussing the topic. Taking a broader perspective as well as classic approaches to heart health, this video highlights what we need to pay attention to in order to take good care of our heart and how critical it is.

Did you know that the most common cause of death in a year, especially in the US, is a heart attack? Unfortunately, the situation in our country is not much different. About 40 percent of deaths are caused by heart disease, and according to statistics, 300-400 thousand heart attacks occur per year. So, the situation is much more serious than we think, so we should all pay attention to the priority of heart health.

If we think of our body as a computer, our brain is both the hard drive and the processor of that computer; memory where everything is stored. It is also what drives all actions, makes the system work. On the other hand, the heart is the source of strength. That is, without it, the brain cannot function, because the power source is the most important part of any system. Just like without a power supply, not a single system will turn on, not to mention correct operation; the heart is the most important organ that provides the entire body with energy; kind of switch. For this reason, heart health is critical above all else.

Eating a healthy diet, avoiding processed fats and sugars, avoiding tobacco and alcohol, and of course, regular exercise are good living habits that we are all familiar with and are very important for maintaining heart health. However global health instituteHealing Hearts Video We need more to keep our hearts healthy. First of all, to cope with stress.

Filmed at the Mayo Clinic, one of the world’s most comprehensive, competent, and trusted healthcare facilities, and featuring advice from Mayo Clinic’s medical specialists, you can get a holistic view of what to look out for in order to protect your health in this video. heart health and take your life seriously.

Mayo Clinic Cardiologist Dr. According to Stephen L. Kopecky, “A heart attack doesn’t respect anyone; he draws attention to the severity of the problem, saying “He can find anyone. Therefore, you need to be especially careful. Using a multidisciplinary approach to support heart health, the Mayo Clinic collaborates with cardiologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, and pharmacists to treat heart attack patients. Emphasizing areas ranging from nutrition to exercise, the importance of stress reduction techniques and meditation for holistic recovery in addition to conventional drug therapy, the Mayo Clinic focuses on the need for prevention as well as treatment for heart disease.

If you’d like, you can click on the link below to watch the video and get a broader view of heart health:

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