The Pursuit of Health Episode 2: Dancing Toward Happiness


Have you ever thought about the place of dancing in our daily life? From the mode in which you gently shake your shoulders and legs, to the quiet music in the background, to the mode in which you pass out to the blaring of the music, all aspects of dance are strong promoters of wellness. Scientifically proven dance has many positive effects, from preventing depression to increasing motivation, from supporting physical health to protecting brain development from the negative effects of aging. The dance that increases flexibility, reduces stress, increases energy, promotes weight loss and improves balance is also the most fun way to stay in the same moment and connect with yourself and others.

global health instituteIn search of healthIn pursuit of health) under Body Series Dancing towards happiness The video also touches upon the place and importance of dance in our lives. Wise method of movementCompany founder Dr. Hanna Poikonen said that dance has a very important place in our lives; tells us that it connects us both with ourselves and with other people and heals feelings of loneliness. The famous doctor said that in everyday life we ​​spend a lot of time thinking and thatcognitive knowledge‘, that is, it refers to cognitive knowledge; but ‘silent knowledge‘, so he says we need to find a balance with silent knowledge. And adds: ‘We can establish this balance while dancing.Because, according to him, both types of knowledge are very important for us, but we often forget about the importance of silent knowledge and return to the hustle and bustle of our lives. Dance gives us what we need.

On the other hand, mentioned in the video; Luuk Melisse, co-founder of Sanctum, a dance genre that focuses on breathing techniques, some special jumping and shaking moves, and body-mind connections, draws attention to the fact that dance is the equivalent of life. “A way of expressing yourself without any great purpose” Melissa said that dance, which she defines as being in the moment, is about being in the moment. “Dance lives in the present. Because the dance is “in the moment”, that is, it is either here or it is not.” He says that when we dance, we can bring ourselves into “the moment.”

By practicing dance, which is considered the art of letting go, staying in the flow and being ourselves, a part of our lives, we can open up space to reveal the best version of ourselves. Through dance, we can strengthen the connection we have made with ourselves and others and learn the meaning of the word “to be complete.” According to Anna Bjurstan, a healthy lifestyle pioneer at the Six Senses Group, we can overcome loneliness, one of the biggest challenges of our time, through dance, discover the unifying power of dance, and form strong and loving bonds with others.

You can watch this video containing inspirational anecdotes about the importance and role of dance in your life at the link below.

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