“The Power of Waiting” when you don’t know what to do


We live in a rapidly changing world; events and situations can change in an instant and it is difficult for us to keep up with the speed of the agenda. But on the other hand, trying to keep up with this pace, we increase our own speed and want everything to happen as quickly as possible. As a result, it can be difficult to be patient and as if neither of us had time to wait even an extra minute looks.

While placing an order is just a click away, we can reach our friend on the other side of the world in seconds, and getting a bank loan is just a few steps, in short, we have made it a habit to achieve everything we want and what we need, in a very short time. we can be impatient when it comes to waiting.

However, especially when we are dealing with uncertainty, when we do not know what tomorrow will be, let alone in a few years, instead of impatiently nibbling at us and eating ourselves. waiting powerwe can use. Because the ability to wait can unleash a power that you may never have noticed before. But what about; the mind doesn’t like to waitbecause he hates uncertainty, preferring to be wrong than to remain in a state of “not knowing”. On the other side, ego won’t let go; he, like his mind, is uncomfortable waiting; ‘Do something‘ ‘anything is better than doing nothinghe whispers. Things get even more complicated when we become prisoners of our mind and ego, or when we begin to listen to their inner cries; because you know ‘Hurry up – make people laugh’… Instead of if we can slow down, maybe everything will clear up; just as we gradually begin to see as our eyes adjust to a dark room.

The mind and ego want a bright, easy, smooth, fast road to the future; however real life is more like a foggy mazeis The ability to progress requires a range of skills and practice; waiting is one of the most important. When we know how to wait, we can afford to be led. Although this does not mean that everything will always turn out the way we want, we are waiting, can help us discover the power of “knowledge” within us; It can force the rhythm of our heart and our inner voice to reach our ears.

WaitInstead of making a quick decision in a difficult situation, he can save time to better understand the situation and make a more accurate decision. The waiting process can help us realize the value of time spent making the right decision rather than a quick one. Therefore, wait to analyze the situation well before making a decision, not only in our personal life, but also in our business life, relationships and in different areas of life. This can turn into a useful strategy.

“Expectation is not just false hope. This is an inner confidence in achieving the goal. – I Ching

Waiting can give us the opportunity to gather our thoughts and feelings, evaluate different points of view, scenarios, and access additional information. It can give us the space we need to calm down when we are confused, overwhelmed with emotions and do not know what to do. Waiting, especially during times of great stress, can help us remember what we did right or wrong in similar situations before and repeat the same mistakes. What should you do think and act calmly This can save you time.

Imagine; Can you actually know the answer to a “question” you’ve been asking yourself for days and you’re not sure how it will turn out? If your answer is yes, that answer may pop into your head when you stop and wait. If not, the power of waiting to find it again can come to your rescue.

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