The Power of Acceptance: Giving Up Is Not Giving Up


a lot in our life is out of our control; traffic, weather, natural disasters, accidents; In short, everything we don’t want but can’t prevent… Even if we know we have no control, we can forget in the hustle and bustle of life and feel sad, angry, anxious and frustrated when we can’t control events. But the truth is that being stuck in events and situations that we cannot control, that we cannot change, that we cannot fix, only makes us suffer even more.

“The first step to change is awareness. The second step is to accept.
-Nathaniel Branden

Life, ‘it wasn’t supposed to be like this’ It is full of situations and events. Sometimes we can fix them, sometimes we can’t. Surely in our mindsbest scenarios There is; We know it could be “better”, especially when going through complex, stressful and troublesome processes. Yes, it could, could always be better, but it was not, is not and never will be. So what are we going to do? Will we stick to the best scenarios that didn’t happen but could happen? Or will we look ahead?

Of course, the answer to this question can vary from person to person; however with what shouldn’t be A powerful way to deal with unwanted situations, fix, change in a world full of “Adoptiongoes through. Yes, we are talking about the power of acceptance and no, when we accept what has happened, we do not give up, we place ourselves in the safe hands of surrender. You will ask why?

surrender against. give up

Remember cartoons from your childhood; Didn’t things get better after the little white flag fluttered at the tip of the stick? Didn’t suddenly a more cheerful, peaceful environment develop, with deadly hostile characters sitting together, laughing and having fun? Waving a white flag can mean that you will be defeated in any war at first glance; so it might mean giving up, but what if we say it doesn’t? Surrender and surrender Your point of view may change as you dive between the lines…

While surrender is accompanied by feelings of peace and relaxation, surrender can bring on feelings of hopelessness and defeat. On the other hand, surrender is associated with a feeling of greater moderation or poise; Rejection can be intense and exhausting. Giving up is a black and white decision; Surrender is a constructive, practical and effective solution… So, surrender is a step taken after careful consideration, and surrender is a strong emotional reaction.

Give upyou may not have all the answers, but knowing there might be another way; failure opens new possibilities. Surrender’let’s look at it from a different angle‘ means to give up, to leave. Humility invites the universe to bring goodness, happiness, grace, new people, and new opportunities into your life; Rejection can prevent new things from flowing into your life. Giving up means continuing to take new and better actions when appropriate, while giving up can mean taking all your energy. Thus, surrender shows that events and situations are about “time”, while surrender He says now or never.

When something is wrong; In stressful, difficult times, when you are very close to giving up, you can only try to accept in order to use the power of surrender. Not ignoring what is happening, but not losing hope, not denying the truth, not becoming hardened, not trying to “control” what you cannot control, just ‘Adoption’ You can discover the strength in yourself to overcome difficulties.

Why is it important to accept without resistance?

When something happens that you do not expect, do not want and hope to be different, it may want to resist, reject or deny what is happening; You may have a tendency to avoid. However, this will make it harder for you to cope with difficulties and may negatively affect your recovery process. But accept:

  • This will help you find the lesson, purpose, and conclusion behind every challenge.
  • This allows you to accept difficulties and problems instead of getting tired of fighting them.
  • This will prevent you from wasting time evaluating what happened to you.
  • It makes you realize that better, better days are ahead; fills you with hope.

accept everything as it is It means letting go of your expectations of how it should be. On the contrary, it is to allow things to be as they are. Adoption, ‘Why did this happen to me?‘ is the opposite of a question. Trying to change the truth is a battle you are guaranteed to lose, and it can bring pain, anger, anxiety; Therefore, acceptance along with surrender brings relief and clarity of seeing the consequences. Moreover, Acceptance helps you recognize and confront the real problem, and helps you solve it. For example, if you are unhappy with your career, it is impossible to make any changes without facing the reality of your current situation. Denying the truth prevents you from solving problems and can have more serious and long-term consequences.

When you can accept situations and events, no matter how upsetting or distressing they may be. you can build yourself a better foundation to improve things. Once you discover the power of acceptance, you will be able to understand and forgive more; You can tolerate other people’s mistakes and shortcomings. You can act more comfortably in the face of negative events, keep stress low with the power of acceptance, instead of fighting in vain against change and what is. ‘What can I do next?You can start thinking. So, are you ready to surrender to the light of truth and accept what is happening without judgment or resistance?

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