The passenger who asks the question in his heart: Change your questions, change your life


The question is the product of healthy curiosity. And for this reason, it is good that there is curiosity. It is one of the finest exponents of the art of living. Curiosity is a kind of sign of life. This is an existential reflection of the understanding of the existing. The question takes its place in the corner as an integral part of curiosity. Asking questions is good, asking the right question is virtue. “If your questions change, your life will change.They say I totally agree.

Question patterns pass like 5N 1K. What, why, when, how and where continues the question. As soon as you ask, the blessings of the universe will appear before you. It is laid out in such a way that you like the option of the options.

What When you ask, the purpose is clear and the situation becomes clear. It’s almost a syllable in explanation. “What is this?” It is called when you collide with an object. It’s like knocking on a closed door. As you press, it slowly opens towards your excitement as you see and study the curves of the face that greets you.

Where The reason is given in the question. Walking leads to those who want to move forward. The road stretches out before him. It passes through the steppe into long green gardens. She teaches to adapt to snowy weather from the salutations of the sun.

When The question is like a rare process in which we realize the meaning of the hour, we feel life, we realize the one thing that we cannot return. You understand the importance of time. The meaninglessness of everything that has passed hits him in the face like a cold slap in the face. You will feel that it is impossible to freeze.

How. They didn’t teach, maybe that’s the most difficult question. As you speak, you enter the subject like a whirlpool. for one How will he handle this situation? When you speak, you open space. The universe also says; ‘if you’re interested, then stop, let me live it for you‘. He thinks he discovered this field to study. Let it be compulsory education.

Where indicates the location of the event. Will he ever be out of place? Being homeless is a big pain. He turns pain into love, love into compassion, compassion into solidarity, solidarity into virtue, and virtue into the purpose of life.

That’s why asking questions is valuable business. The more correct questions, the more meaningful the answers.

You may be wondering: How do you know when you are in pain?

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