The name of bestowal, calmness, clarity and slowness


Unhurried, unquestioning, calm, enthusiastic…
Wide comfort full…
This is not the same as saying “o”, because even saying “o” deprives this integrity, breaks the balance, pulls at the place where it does not exist.
This is not such a “loud” naivete as the bewilderment of a bird’s voice.
With enthusiasm, without enthusiasm!
It’s like standing still.
It’s like the water in a river that looks like it’s still, but it’s flowing violently from below. And full, and still, calm, clear and fluid …
Is there a recipe to see the whole, being?
Even to look is a great act, to remain in it is death.
It’s like dancing in the same direction, how to react when they don’t follow each other.
So, as it is…
Your shoulders are slumped on both sides, but you will still get up.
Don’t say what will happen, it will happen!
It happened.

A place where infinity, inseparability, totality and involvement in it at the same time.

And your wings spread subtly when it’s time to go. This is the beginning of the movement of the dance towards the sky. He soars into the sky with a flap of wings. The sky itself is that which flaps its wings, and the place from which it departs…
There is no incoming or outgoing. All in the same place, in the same breath…
Maybe that’s why such calmness, such confidence, such vitality …
It’s not called surrender, it’s called “love.”

Calmly, clearly, without questions and without answers.
Don’t say it’s all right
It happened.

It may interest you: we get what we think is “right” for ourselves.

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