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When it comes to cleaning the house, we all undoubtedly want the best for ourselves and our loved ones. We are looking for the most practical ways for real cleaning that leaves no doubt. Because we want to use our personal energy and time efficiently. However, many of us find true cleansing difficult or unattainable. Well, is it really so?

Thanks to evolving technology, this is quite possible with cordless upright vacuum cleaners that meet more than our needs and adapt to any situation. If you want your living space to be flawless and as practical as possible, let me introduce Miele’s most powerful vacuum cleaner, which breaks new ground in home cleaning with its timeless quality: the Triflex HX2. Forget all the cleaning rules you know with the Miele Triflex HX2, which will become your strongest assistant in cleaning your home thanks to its high suction power, ergonomic design, advanced German technology and much more…

3 in 1 ergonomic and practical use

Is our mood the same on different days of the week or at any time of the day? Of course not. So, shouldn’t our cleaning needs be in line with our changing moods and the transformation of our home?

Thanks to the versatile 3-in-1 design and the practical use of the Miele Triflex HX2, cleaning is possible that suits our every mood. By changing the location of the power supply, we can create different usage functions according to our needs. Thanks to the Comfort Mode, Reach Mode and Compact Mode, we can easily enjoy deep cleaning. We can choose Comfort mode for ergonomic use, Reach mode for hard-to-reach places such as under furniture, ceiling corners, Compact mode for quick and practical cleaning, and we can easily reach any part of our home by quickly switching between the three modes. When such a convenient and deep cleaning technology is possible, why should we choose a technology that remains the same in the face of our changing needs!

Powerful and efficient performance

The technology that helps us keep our living spaces clean must be high performance and truly powerful. The technology that rewrites the rules of deep cleaning and leaves no doubt in our hearts comes from German quality ahead of its time: the Miele Triflex HX2.

The Triflex HX2 outperforms even the most powerful Miele corded vacuum cleaner. *Suction power increased by over 60%** thanks to a powerful electric brush, Vortex technology and a new Digital Efficiency motor. The Miele Triflex HX2, with its superior performance to reach even the most dusty places with ease, offers us all proof of dynamic cleaning.

*Cleaning performance compared to Miele Complete C3 (SGEF3) with STB 305-3′ (dust removal from carpet and intermittent hard floors, carpet fiber removal). Complies with IEC62885-2.
**Compared to Triflex HX1

Time saving

Time is undoubtedly very valuable for all of us. We all need to be fast and save time to keep up with the pace of the modern age. Fortunately, the Triflex HX2 also saves us time. With a replaceable VARTA Li-Ion battery, up to 120 minutes of continuous cleaning is possible on some Triflex HX2 models!*

*Refers to Multi Floor XXL and use of 2 batteries without electric brush installed for power level 1.

Process cleaning

We have high hopes for the development of technology in all aspects of our lives. But especially when it comes to cleaning. It is very important that cleaning is quick, practical and easy, as well as efficient. Because we all want to spend less time cleaning and more time living.

The Miele Triflex HX2 allows us to clean more areas in less time with the extra wide Smart Brush. Thanks to its special design, the smart brush automatically adjusts the speed and power to suit each surface. I mean perfect cleaning on every floor, be it carpet, tile or parquet! What’s more, with the ultra-bright Triflex HX2 LED front light, dust can’t escape from whatever surface it is, because it detects all the dust in optimal light.

Bonus: Healthier Living Spaces

Exhaust gases caused by the rapidly growing number of cars in the modern world, industrialization, overcrowded cities and air pollutant particles are undoubtedly one of the factors that most threaten our health today. While there is little we can do in the outside world other than making sustainable and environmentally sound individual choices, we can provide cleaner, healthier air in our homes.

The Miele Triflex HX2 delivers 99.999%* filtration with a HEPA filter and captures extra fine particles for an extra level of hygiene. All we need to do is refresh ourselves with healthy breath in our perfectly clean homes.

*Pro, Performance and Cat & Dog models are equipped with a HEPA filter.

If you want a powerful companion that will always meet your changing demands for quality and purity, click here to enter the world of the Miele Triflex HX2, designed and manufactured in Germany.

This article was prepared with input from Miele.

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