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The most interesting alien case in history: what is the phenomenon of the Ariel school?


The question of whether extraterrestrial life exists has long been a hot topic of debate. There are many who believe that beings other than ourselves live in the universe, of which we have not yet been able to discover many secrets. However, so far there has been no satisfactory evidence for the existence of aliens. For this reason, the claim that strange creatures live anywhere in the universe is rather ridiculous for many people. On the other hand, the history of the debate about the existence of aliens is full of events that can make anyone question whether they believe in extraterrestrial life or not. Here is one of these strange events that took place in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, in 1994 and went down in history as the phenomenon of the Ariel School. Let’s look at the details together.

The Ariel school in Ruwa, Zimbabwe came to the fore on September 16, 1994 with a rather interesting event.

62 kids attending a school in a small town made a strange statement. When the children were playing in the school garden, they said they saw “flying silver discs” nearby.

The claims of the children were not limited to this. Strange creatures descended from flying discs and communicated with them! This interesting statement, which was later called the phenomenon of the Ariel school, brought this small city of Zimbabwe to the agenda of the whole world.

According to the children’s statements, the aliens, who had a humanoid appearance, told the children that they should protect the world and nature, and advised them to stay away from technology.

Moreover, the manner of communication of these extraordinary creatures was also quite peculiar. Because, according to the children, the aliens communicated telepathically without speaking, and thus conveyed their thoughts and advice.

The portrait of an alien proposed by the students of the Ariel School was also very interesting.

The Ariel School Phenomenon
Drawing of one of the children at school

Accordingly, the aliens who flew to visit the small town of Ruwa in Zimbabwe looked like human beings about a meter tall. He had long hair and eyes much larger than a human’s. Moreover, these eyes, described by children as “big and piercing”, were located on the cheeks of aliens!

Children claimed that aliens had round mouths and weak ears!

Drawing of one of the children at school

Many of the teachers at the Ariel School didn’t care about these extraordinary claims from their students. However, the children also shared with their parents that aliens communicate with them. The Ariel school phenomenon soon became the most important agenda item in the region. Moreover, the eyes of the whole world were turned to Ariel’s school…

UFO expert Cynthia Hind, who has previously worked on numerous UFO and alien cases, came to Ruva City to get up close and personal with the interesting phenomenon.

Cynthia Hind

He interviewed children who claimed to be talking to aliens, listened to their stories and carefully studied children’s drawings of aliens. The stories told by the students were very similar to each other. However, there were no gaps in these stories. An experienced UFO expert made a decision. Guys, he was right!

One of the reasons why Cynthia Hind considered the phenomenon of the Ariel school to be real was the socio-economic structure of the city of Ruva.

The Ariel School Phenomenon

According to Hind, elementary school students living in the countryside of a poor African country could not have such a detailed understanding of the alien narrative in the modern world.

Therefore, children could only describe what they saw, what they experienced. Cynthia Hind believed in children, although many thought that the children at Ariel’s school were in a crisis of mass hysteria.

While Cynthia Hind had no doubts about the reality of the Ariel school phenomenon, she wanted to see it from a different perspective. For this reason, he invited John Mack, a professor of psychiatry known for his research on extraterrestrial life, to the city of Ruwa.

The Ariel School Phenomenon
John Mack meeting with one of the students

Mack, like Hind, conducted a series of interviews with children who claimed to have witnessed the existence of aliens. After these discussions, the psychiatrist came to the same conclusion as Hind. The boys were right! Indeed, a group of round silver circles came to the city of Ruwa and telepathically communicated with 62 children studying at Ariel’s school. So what really happened? Did the aliens that millions were waiting for really appear in Zimbabwe in 1994?

Some details of the Ariel School phenomenon may help us understand what really happened.

The Ariel School Phenomenon
Two children claim to have interacted with aliens

First, the alien at Ariel’s school didn’t appear out of nowhere. Cynthia Hind encountered people who said they saw aliens in the vicinity just a few days before the event.

However, what these people saw was nothing more than a rocket called Zenit-2, which re-entered orbit after completing its space mission. In a word, aliens were one of the most popular topics in the city of Ruva in September 1994…

The main thing that made experts believe in the reality of what happened was the belief that children in the region could not have detailed information about aliens.

The Ariel School Phenomenon

However, the children who were educated at Ariel’s school belonged to wealthy families, although they lived in a poor area. So they had access to modern media, and they could very well be aware of stories about aliens.

In addition, the experts interviewed the children in pairs or groups of six. This ensured that the stories they told were similar and consistent. All of these details have caused many alien enthusiasts who have studied the event to become disillusioned with the reality of the Ariel School phenomenon.

The debate about whether the strange phenomenon is real continues today.

The Ariel School Phenomenon

Some of those who remember this interesting event continue to believe that the children of the Ariel School did indeed communicate with aliens. Some people think that Zimbabwean kids are just going through a crisis of mass hysteria or are playing a weird game with the world.

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