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The most discussed and applied beauty trends of 2022


While we live out the last days of the year, we not only reflect and study what awaits us in the new year, but also evaluate how we spent this year. Apart from our personal experiences and preferences, we do not miss the trends that have become popular and spread, especially through social media channels such as TikTok and Instagram. We’ve rounded up the hottest beauty and grooming trends this year for you, based on publications from beauty experts, beauty platforms and social media. From sparkly eye makeup to thick brows, here are the “best” of 2022:

wolf haircut

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Considered by beauticians and stylists to be the “most amazing hair trend” of 2022, the “wolf haircut” was actually a favorite of the 70s and 80s. But this year it managed to be fixed as the most preferred haircut. Of course, it was also spectacular that many celebrities ended the year with such a haircut. Billy Eilish, Miley Cyrus, Bretman Rock, Dodge Cat are some of the main names of the trend…

Mermaid hair color

Speaking of hair, the post-cut trend is about color. According to many beauticians, the most talked about and favorite hair color this year is Mermaid. Stylists say that experimental hair colors are becoming more popular due to the high interest on social media, and believe that this trend will continue next year.

Curls without heating


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Recently, a very popular beauty trend: curls without heating. The goal is to create natural waves without damaging the hair strands, in the form of curls without heating, which are done with a thin long object such as a dressing gown, long socks or a belt, or with a device that resembles a flexible fabric tube designed to this work.

Euphoria of the eyes

Along with the much-loved Euphoria series, the Euphoria eyes eye makeup trend we see everywhere is one of the best in 2022. It can be said that this is a makeup trend that everyone tries who wants to achieve a charming look with bright, sequined, silvery, dazzling eye makeup.

Makeup “clean girl”

Although it translates to “makeup for clean girls” in Turkish, it might actually be more correct to say “makeup like no” for this makeup trend. This trend, which describes bright and minimalist makeup that is close to nature, in which light colors are favored over dark ones, is also the subject of favorite TikTok videos.

graphic eyeliner

Source: thezoereport

When it comes to eye makeup in recent years, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly “eyeliner”. However, according to beauty experts, this passion for eyeliner has evolved a bit in 2022 and turned into graphics. Again, graphic eyeliner, which is said to be very popular in society, especially with famous names, has a bolder interpretation than classic eyeliner. Numerous long lines, bright strokes, shadow strokes and more come to life with this trend.

Meow meow)


Meowing is my guilty pleasure 😜

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If you’re an avid social media fan, you must have heard of this technique: Turkish meow or meow, a technique in which the tongue is placed on the roof of the mouth to make the chin appear bigger and squarer. The reason why this technique, which is often used and shared by influencers, is very popular in 2022, as we can guess, is TikTok videos. In fact, many estheticians and orthodontists who are experts in their fields are also proponents of this technique… So much so that “who needs a filling when there is Mewing” discourse has become commonplace. Let’s see if it retains its popularity next year…

Multi-step procedures

Again, thanks to social media, the 2022 trend is getting better: multi-step grooming routines. While this trend, which sees the use of many skin care products when it comes to cleansers, toners, creams, serums and more, is widespread and still in use, experts are concerned. According to experts, using so many products at the same time damages the skin barrier; therefore, we need to learn how to strengthen the skin barrier, not remove it. Maybe this trend will be left behind with the new year…

Eyebrow lamination

source: mariclar

Looking at the makeup trends of recent years, it is obvious that eyebrows are in the foreground, especially thick ones, but there are also very few people with naturally thick eyebrows. For this reason, the cure for the vast majority is eyebrow interventions. Naturally, brow lamination is among the best of 2022. Thanks to this application, the eyebrows remain fixed and combed up, while maintaining their shape for a long time. According to experts, eyebrow correction will continue in the new year.

eyelash serums

If eyebrows are in the foreground, not eyelashes … Among the care trends this year, eyelash care is also very popular. The use of eyelash serum has become quite common thanks to videos of many famous names demonstrating the growth and thickness of their eyelashes in their TikTok posts. In fact, according to many beauty experts, this trend has inspired various beauty and care brands to produce eyelash serums. If we look at diversity, we cannot say that they are wrong.


Just like “meowing” has nothing to do with cats, “slugging” has nothing to do with slugs, but that’s the name of the trend 😊. Again, the “slug,” a beauty trend that has all but “disappeared” under the influence of social media and has spread to millions of people, is used to mask the face during the night. Namely, many people have shared in their videos this year that they apply a thick and occlusive moisturizer like petroleum jelly to their face before going to bed at night to keep up with this trend. The goal is to retain moisture and prevent skin from losing water. However, according to experts, this skincare product can be risky for oily and acne-prone skin. So it’s good to think twice before applying.

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