The lies we tell ourselves and the reminders we all need


you tell yourself a lot of things really not true. Because you, like most people, have probably had some problems over the years. to unhealthy beliefs you are caught. These therapists “cognitive distortions” speaks. We all have cognitive distortions. what questionswhat do we say to ourselves learn to recognize these lies and these replace it with healthier, more realistic expressions. But of course give up the beliefs we hold AND rethinking unhealthy thoughts may not always be easy. When you try to change them, your brain will do everything it can to keep you in your comfort zone, underestimate you, make you doubt yourself and try to convince you that you don’t belong there… On the other hand, keep believing the lies that you tell yourself is to do your best, which depletes your mental strength needed to do so. The choice is yours.

Mentally stronger If you want to be lie to yourself You must leave right now. Often listed below lies we tell ourselves AND some reminders we all need you will find. With that in mind make every day more valuable You can use it as fuel.

1. “I don’t have everything I need to be happy”

done in life every mistake and the exam should be message It has. For the mistakes some people make scolding myself or fixation on the problem with concern because they are busy message of life they kidnap. However, having that you are not regret that they are means to spend. The happiest People, rarely the luckiest They have all the best. They just make the most of whatever comes their way. The reason most people give up is because to what is available AND how far did they go No, What is missing AND how far should they go they tend to concentrate.

2. “My dreams can’t be realized”

from your dreams give up somebody, You follow your dream discourage do not allow. The best thing you can do in life is following your intuition go. Of course, take calculated risks. But only because you’re afraid of what might happen safe and easy choice Not. I know that if you dofinally Nothing it won’t. For this reason your dreamsfrom your fears more let it be. your actions speak louder than your words. Future self every day will thank do something.

3. “My life is full of people who hurt me”

Life really very short. Take care of yourself. If someone constantly mistreats you, healthy boundaries create yourself enough respect show. It will take you some time it could hurt but trust me in the end This will be good. Often to leave with weakness nothing to do and everything power-related is not. from a person understand our value not because we wanted to, but in the end we understand our value We’re leaving for

4. “I wasted a lot of time in failed relationships.”

Of course in your life not suitable for you some people had but didn’t have relationships waste of time No. relationship to you What would you like if not, you do not want teaches things. Rarely our friends we losewhat is actually happening is gradually real who are our friends understand it. No one will give you a place in their life. don’t force because if he knows your price, he will definitely give you free up space. And remember when you get up you know who your friends are while down you will know your real friends. It just takes time to understand it all.

5. “Things will never get better”

thrown at him every fistin excellence able to cope there is no one. None of us were created this way. Against get upset, get sick, stumble and fall we exist because it is, being human Part; with problems encounter, learn, adapt and over time they decide. All this in the end to the person we transformation of things. out of the dark exit where are you when you can’t find grow caterpillar wings Remember that this is like their hiding place. today’s terrible day be tomorrow best day of your life doesn’t mean it can’t be. All you have to do is go there.

6. “Great things will come to me with ease”

In many ways, we are who we choose to be. Nobody comes to you won’t saveyou yourself you have to save. nobody does anything to you will not giveyou go out and get you must win. what do you want but you No one knows. And if you fail, no one as much as you not upset. For this reason key to happiness never in someone else’s pocket don’t go and your life, someone else’s for you Don’t wait for it to install. in my own way architect and protector be. your past and present the more you take responsibility future the more you can create.

7. “My past is an indicator of my future”

At some point we all mistakes We have done; pressured us, used and forgotten. Let people use us we will allow and less than we deserve we accepted. But even for a moment regret we should not hear because of our wrong choice what we learned there are so many things… For example, now kwho can we trust and who can’t we we know. Real the meaning of friendshippeoples when they lied and nwhen they are sincere We have learned to understand. More importantly, while there are some things we can never fix, we now know better what to do next time.

8. “I can’t live without it”

When someone enters your life If it has a positive effect on you, but for some reason cannot stay, this is evolution. don’t resist try. though not for long your paths cross and somehow it makes you happy Be grateful for life change. People comes and goes. Some come back, some don’t. And one man walkingstill those who are with you This does not mean that you should forget. What do you have keep celebrating and to memories smile.

9. “I have something to lose”

from what you didalmost that you left half You won’t regret it that much. “Why did I do it?“what’s harder than”I would like to…“is. regretfully and you yourself heart full of empty promises instead of having life full of mistakes you learn from Better to have.

10. “I’m not ready because I’m not good enough”

No one feels 100% ready when the opportunity presents itself. Because most of life’s great opportunities force us to step outside of our comfort zone, which means we may not feel completely comfortable at first. So stop beating yourself up. Life is not a completed journey, it is an ongoing adventure. That this continues does not mean that you are “not good enough” today; This means that you want to love yourself completely because you want a better tomorrow. You are ready. You just need to get started.

11. “I have enough of what I have in my life, I don’t need to meet someone new”

As cruel as it sounds, you can’t keep every friend you’ve ever made. People and priorities during may change. some relationship get lostsome can grow. Now inactive old relationship naturally you finished For new relationship opportunity prudence do it. Trust your decisions too. Unusual knowing you’re entering the zone new relationship customize it. To learn to defy AND with someone who can change your life forever be ready to meet.

12. “Failure is bad”

Sometimes To be successful For failed a hundred times should be. How many error whatever you do or how much slow if you go ahead don’t try everything is very you are ahead. So don’t get hung up on one failed attempt and miss more. useless all your ideas useful on the way to one idea are stepping stones. Remember failure means to fall is not; when you have a chance to get up deliberately staying on the ground. Always choose to get up. Often good things are destroyed so that better things can come together.

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