The Inspiring Story of BigChefs Co-Founder Gamze Cizreli Became an NFT


We have shared with you the successful story of Gamze Cizreli, founding partner of BigChefs, who has managed to make her name known to the whole world in recent days. According to the world famous American business magazine Forbes,50 over 50: Europe, Middle East and Africa 2023”, the story of Gamze Jizreli, this time in the NFT collection!

BigChefs, which interprets Turkey’s local ingredients and dishes with a modern touch and is the market leader in the number of establishments preferred by its guests, has launched the 2nd NFT of the Founding Women of the Earth NFT Collection. partner of Gamze Cizreli. The work used the “Infinite Zoom Art” technique, which depicts the history of BigChefs, starting with its first branch in Ankara, and the number of branches reaching the whole world today. The history of BigChefs, which has grown through distribution in Turkey and the world, continues to be written on every plate served and on every member of its friendly team. BigChefs dedicates this NFT to both its founding partner Gamza Cizreli and to all of the BigChefs staff who have a big stake in what it has achieved today.

The second part of the NFT collection, “From the Women of the Earth to the Tables”, each of which is a separate work of art, was designed by the Sigun studio using the “Infinite Zoom Art” technique. BigChefs has released a new NFT from the Women of Earth to the Tables NFT collection on OpenSea, the world’s most famous NFT marketplace.

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