The discovery continues: we are much more than we define ourselves


Have you ever paid attention to how you describe yourself? “Who am I?” You asked? Have you ever tried looking at yourself from the outside?

We did something, we didn’t do something, we had things that we liked and things that we didn’t like. Have we always identified with them? Have we declared our existence through someone else, our ownership of him, our role in his life? What if we didn’t have this or we didn’t have this thing? For example, as someone’s spouse, someone’s friend, mother, father, sibling, engineer, doctor, entrepreneur, animal lover, or artist, which of the myriad personalities and myriad labels are we? Well, if we remove these labels one by one, then who are we in the simplest form?

Our brain categorizes, labels, groups, because that’s how it works. If we try to know ourselves by clinging to these labels with the mind, of course, something will not happen.

Because we are also made up of our emotions, our thoughts, our actions, what we know, what we don’t know, what we choose, what we refuse… But this is not the only thing that makes us who we are. Because they are also limited.

For example, today we can choose not what we chose yesterday. The Way We Handled Emotions And yesterday, today can be completely different. So who are we? This is me yesterday and today, because I am much more than this feeling. I am someone who thinks about my emotion, at the same time I am someone who is aware of my emotion, I can experience one and move on to another emotion.

For example, our habits make us who we are. We repeat them so often that they almost envelop us like a second skin. But did I choose these habits myself, or can I change those that no longer benefit me? What good is it to me if I cannot give it up just because I define myself through it?

Sometimes we can set limits for ourselves because we know ourselves. But we are much more than we know. We still have so much to discover. We can start by recognizing that different situations are possible.

Familiar is safe. We say we have known ourselves by this time, right? But we are constantly changing beings. And if so, what if we miss out on new opportunities, completely different options, just to feel “familiar”?

Without clinging to our labels, we must voluntarily keep going, taking one off, putting on a new one, and doing it again and again. We still have a lot to learn about ourselves.

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