The brightest way of self-expression: art therapy


art therapyIt is a healing method that helps us express our psychological, emotional and intellectual states through art based on our imagination. Therapists using art therapy as a tool gain information about our psychological and emotional experiences through the expression of our subconscious through art. On the other hand, formations were formed in our minds without aesthetic concern. Reflecting our thoughts and feelings through art is a relaxing activity in itself.. Because; paints, canvas, paper, or whatever material we have, takes us there with free association. To express ourselves carelessly and fearlessly, like a child, to improvise without worrying about being liked, is good for our soul and this is the journey that heals us.

You don’t have to have any skills to practice art therapy. An important point is the process of therapy and content. The created work is a unique work that belongs to the inner world of the client and is unique to him! Art therapy is a facilitating and effective method of communicating our feelings and thoughts when we cannot express ourselves verbally and have difficulty expressing our feelings. At the same time, it is a form of expression that relaxes us and nourishes our creative side, allowing us to reach ourselves through art. Art therapy can be applied in many different schools of therapy. This is often an easier option for children, teens, and adults who find it difficult to open up their feelings and thoughts in therapy. In particular, a healing experience for therapist and client is to get adults who have difficulty expressing their feelings to become creative and self-confident, offer them a place to relax, and control their communication with paint and paper. It is an artistic and creative way of self-expression.

We know there are many ways to express yourself! When we free our mind, then we begin to express ourselves and take the first step towards the healing of our soul. Art therapy is also the most vivid way of self-expression! So what are we waiting for, let art heal our souls!…

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