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When it comes to sexuality, it’s not always easy to talk about what we’re interested in or want to discuss. Because, unfortunately, this topic is still taboo in our society. However, sexuality is one of the most natural aspects of being human. That’s why we’ve put together podcasts where you can get the information you’re looking for without shame or fear of sexuality. These sexual health inspiration podcasts can be one of the most enjoyable ways to discover or rediscover yourself. Here are the best sex podcasts, among which you can find foreign channels.

1. I hope mom isn’t listening.

You have probably heard this name, even if you have not heard it before. Tulug Özlü talks about sexuality full of innovation, discovery and good and bad experiences in every episode as a guest on his podcast channel called “I Hope My Mom Isn’t Listening”. Guests include many famous people who are not afraid to talk about sexuality to raise awareness, from movies to music, from community organizations to influencers. We are confident that each episode will keep you entertained and broaden your horizons.

2. Mental clitoris

Hazal Sipahi on his Mental Clit podcast channel covers concepts like sex and pleasure; It focuses on less discussed social topics such as intersex identity, one-night stands, HIV-positive status, and sexual violence. We say that you should listen to this channel, which easily stands out from other podcast channels with its political and social stance, to think deeply about sexuality.

3. Sex with Cherry & Salt CV

In this entertaining podcast channel, two women nicknamed “Cherry” and “Salt” comment on their sex lives, which they anonymously collect on social networks and write about. Although they talk about someone’s sex life every week, they also, of course, touch on important social issues such as violence against women, harassment and gay equality. Sex with Cherry & Salt CV is a must-listen podcast series for laughs and sexuality.

4. Sensual Self

In The Sensual Self (formerly The Sexually Liberated Woman) podcast, sexuality doula Ev’Yan Whitney explores the nuances of “sensual” expression and invites listeners to enjoy their bodily pleasures. Average hourly episodes cover basic and often stigmatized topics such as gender, desire, consent, and taste. We also note that in this podcast series you can listen to 74 episodes, the last episode of which was published in December 2022.

5. Sex with Emily

Dr. Emily Morse shares her experiences with sex and relationships with her listeners on her Sex With Emily podcast channel. In response to questions and feedback emailed in each section, Dr. Emily’s channel is especially popular for its interactive concept. In chapters, he touches on topics that most people have trouble with, such as sexual adjustment, orgasm, first sex, sexual fantasies. To learn more, you can visit in addition to the podcast channel.

6. Where to start?

“Where do we start?” In this podcast channel, Esther Perel invites listening couples to her office and helps them overcome the difficulties they face in their sex life. Each chapter will help you better understand your partners both in and out of the bedroom. If you want to listen to an informative podcast about sexuality, give it a try.

7. Sex and psychology

Kinsey Institute Research Fellow Dr. Justin Lemiller’s Sex and Psychology podcast series is for anyone interested in the mental side of sexuality. The chapters explore the psychological origins of sex, relationships, and sexuality. Filled with Lemiller’s in-depth research and expert interviews, this podcast series can give you a whole new perspective on sexual confidence, staying in the moment, sex drive, sexual boundaries, and more.

8. Real sex

Presented by tantra practitioner and noted Australian sexologist Juliet Allen, Authentic Sex explores sexual curiosity, including personal pleasure and tantric sex. Known for her bold and outspoken demeanor, Juliet shares her experience in sexuality and relationships with viewers; she also aims to facilitate real life conversations by talking about sex with the world’s sexuality and relationship experts.

9. Talking about sex

Presented by sexologists and life partners Chris and Charlotte, Talking About Sex is a podcast series of over 400 episodes. Each of the topics covered in a very informative and easy to understand way is great for exploring the “mechanics” of sexuality. Because, in their opinion, no topic is taboo. It is worth noting that the duo also answered questions from the audience.

10. Better in bed

Do you love talking about sex but hate having no one to talk to? Better in Bed is a fun and informative podcast series hosted by sex trainer and educator Sarah Tang. In the episodes, Tang takes inspiration from his career in general and the bad sex education he saw in school, taking on the role of proofreader and aiming to inform the audience in a way that is easy to understand.

11. WagEstim

The VagEsteem podcast series encourages you to have more trust in yourself, your body, and your vulva. The chapters, from sex work to endometriosis and infertility, are presented by Vanessa Geffrard, a health and sex educator in Baltimore, Maryland. Episodes are 60 minutes long on average, and while they don’t feature new episodes, they’re definitely worth digging through the archive.

12. Turn me on

Jeremy and Bride are a married adventurous couple who love to chat about what it’s like to live in the world as a sexual being. On their podcast, Turn Me On, they chat weekly (usually with sex experts) about pleasure, intimacy, and sexuality in a friendly and humorous way. Episodes of Turn Me On are 60-90 minutes long on average.

13. Intimate play

On her Intimacy Play podcast, Pleasy Play’s Mikaela Silva has candid discussions with the world’s leading experts on couples, sexuality, and intimacy for more exciting, fun, and intimate relationships.

14. Be sexy

Do you want to improve your sex life and relationships, explore your sexuality? Clinical sexologist and relationship coach Dr. Valeria Chuba in her podcast “Get Sex-Smart” offers real, practical and positive information that will help you regain your sexual pleasure and confidence with a touch of compassion and humor.

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