The best sci-fi podcasts of recent times


Podcasts are a great choice for people who don’t want to waste their time and are looking for something to fill every moment! You can think of them as information and entertainment kits that you can carry with you wherever you go. You can start listening instantly, wherever you are: in traffic, at home, at school, on public transport. The great thing is that you can find a podcast on just about any topic you want to learn quickly without having to browse through hundreds of resources to great big books! In this list, which I made specifically for science fiction fans, each podcast has some very enjoyable content.

Most of the podcasts you will see on the list are quite popular, so “awesome podcasts no one knowsThis is not a list. For this reason, if you are a podcast guru, I recommend that you look into alternative content. I have tried to select only those that I am sure you will enjoy listening to the magic of science fiction.


Limetown”I love science fiction.One of the most successful podcasts that those who say “can watch…” In a town called Limetown built around a research center, the locals who live in the town mysteriously disappear one by one. We listen to the events through the eyes of a reporter who heard it and decided to come to the city. Things change color when the reporter hears about missing people, and it gets so sweet that you don’t want to take your headphones off for a minute. Since there are many episodes in the postcast, the plot develops slowly. This gives the listener the opportunity to live this chilling story with their hearts. Until you get to the final episode, you’ll be thrown into all sorts of theories, but besides the usual ending, you’ll be faced with a completely different surprise.

(Limetown will be a great choice for lovers of Stranger Things, Eureka, Wayward Pines, Fringe.)

Vision of the future

This series is a little different from other series that I will talk about. because some of those who listen to this show say it’s a thriller podcast and others think it’s a science fiction podcast. If you ask me, I would call it a sci-fi podcast with its fiction and plot. But this is a separate fact that it relieves stress …

The topic is next; The protagonist of the series, Rose Eveleth, is an expert who each week chooses a fictional scenario for the future and, together with the scientific team, evaluates all the possibilities and consequences of these scenarios. Although viewers compare it to Black Mirror by handling different scenarios in each episode, it is a very original series. The fact that it has satisfactory content, especially in terms of science, gives it high marks from the audience. Current, possible and realistic scenarios are processed. Listening to the possible consequences of interesting situations, such as the failure of antibiotics, the legality of all drugs, or the complete disappearance of the Internet, and basically watching the scenarios for realism is just one of the exciting features of the series …

(Perfect content for Black Mirror lovers.)

Archive 81

Archive 81 is actually a horror podcast. However, we can include it in the list because it contains science fiction elements such as fantasy content and alternate time dimensions. I have to leave it up to you to explore this series, where details about its theme might be considered spoilers… But if you liked titles like Interstellar, if you were fascinated by A Brief History of Time, you’ll also love this one. podcast. If you’ve completed the first two seasons, you’ll also get a great old-school radio theater bonus episode…

(Ideal for Stephen Hawking fans, those interested in time travel, and those who love productions like The Dark.)

big loop

This is one of the podcasts that will be finished in one go. A performance inspired by Paul B’s latest performance of “Limited Creatures in Infinite Universes”, a performance that I would be hard-pressed to describe… I can guarantee that the first season will be the definitive anthology model for anthology lovers. In this production, which includes a ton of content from ghost stories to various fantasy stories, we almost ate variety. This podcast captures an impression of Lovecraft.

(If you like Black Mirror, The Twilight Zone, and Black Tapes, this is for you.)

steal the stars

Undoubtedly, this series is one of my favorite series. Mac Rogers Steele, author of “The Message” and “Life After”, has once again created a magnificent work… Two civil servants who develop a secret love go on a secret mission together. Mysterious events begin to occur from the first day they take office. Adventure awaits their employees, who set out to clear the wreckage of the plane crash. You will watch all the episodes of the series in one go and enjoy the sci-fi adventure mixed with this love story.

(Perfect for you if you like The Message, LifeAfter and X-Flies.)


Because this podcast proves to audiences just how fun and fun sci-fi adventures can be, this was a production that even non-sci-fi fans would enjoy. Paradoxica accidentally got into Dr. It follows the adventures of Sally Grissom. Each new event that happens to him involves us, listeners, in the series. Its plot is told through Grissom’s audio diaries. Thanks to this way of storytelling, the podcast stops being a podcast and develops like a movie. In particular, the fact that it covers topics like mental health, sexuality, and quantum mechanics makes this podcast stand out from the rest and earns it points.

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