The Best Mobile Apps to Support Brain Health and Brain Health at Different Ages


As you get older, you may wonder why you go to the kitchen, what you come home to buy, or how you forget the name of someone you know very well when you talk about that person. These and some similar problems that you face may make you think that you cannot find practical and quick solutions as before, and that forgetfulness has become an integral part of your life… However, the reason is not that you are getting old; damage to your brain cells, which means your brain health is not maintained. Well, without worrying about what to do, let’s say right away, you can have a strong brain at any age by preventing cell damage with healthy lifestyle habits. In continuation of our article, renowned neuropsychologist D. Find ways to support brain health at any age and the best brain training apps recommended by Mirella Diaz-Santos.

What should be considered at what age to maintain brain health?

Associate professor at UCLA and a neuropsychologist specializing in Alzheimer’s disease. Mirella Diaz-Santos says there is no age to improve cognitive abilities, keep an active and energetic mind, and keep your brain healthy. Whether you are in your 20s or 50s, you can prepare your brain for the years ahead by keeping it healthy.

Brain Health at 20

Many people in their 20s start living alone; This is the period when they are responsible for what they eat in their free time. For this reason, these ages determine the future of a person, what kind of life he will live, the course of his life in every sense. Many scientific studies indicate that untreated anxiety that occurs at this age can lead to cognitive decline and dementia later in life. Thus, in order to improve your brain health and have a longer and healthier brain, the most important issue in your 20s is managing your anxiety and stress. On the other hand, Diaz-Santos notes that it is necessary to drink much more water in order to balance the increased consumption of coffee at this age and prevent brain fog. While the right dose of coffee can support brain health, too much is harmful. So it’s good to give your water glasses as much importance as your coffee mugs, otherwise dehydration can harm brain function. Let’s sleep… 20 year olds usually “work harder, have fun” (work harder play harder) although they have their time, but insomnia is the main enemy of the brain; because lack of sleep for a long time is a major factor in determining the possibility of dementia. Make sure you get enough sleep, as well as time for your personal and business life. Finally, don’t forget the importance of friendship at this age for your brain health. A sense of belonging, belonging to a community, and making meaningful connections are critical to brain health. So value your friendship, especially if you are in your 20s!

Brain health in 30-40 years

While many people spend their 20s focusing mostly on themselves, other people become important in their 30s and 40s. At this age, important changes usually occur, such as partnerships, marriages, family life, and the birth of children. According to Diaz-Santos, many people in their 30s and 40s, especially women, feel the effects of stress on their entire body, including the brain, and one of the biggest health problems affecting people in this age group is both stress and and diet. hypertension. Diaz-Santos notes that hypertension not only affects the heart, but also the brain, leading to cognitive decline, and adds: “Anything that protects your heart protects your brain, so a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition are essential for health.” the heart as well as the brain. ‘ You can keep your brain healthy in your 30s and 40s by adding a balanced and adequate diet, nutrient-dense foods, and learning to manage stress to prevent potential health hazards.

Brain health in 50-60 years

Although there are many good memories left after the 50s and 60s, unfortunately, health problems can start to arise at this age. The onset of Alzheimer’s disease is the most common of these health problems. To prevent Alzheimer’s disease, which manifests itself in the form of memory loss and negatively affects basic skills in everyday life, such as loss of sense of place and direction, inability to remember days and dates, easy to forget something, put things in the wrong place, doctor. At this age, it is very important to protect and develop the hippocampus, Diaz-Santo says. To do this, you need not to refuse to learn new things. Whether it’s a new language, a musical instrument, a new game, or even some form of physical activity, it can help protect brain cells.

Brain health at age 70 and older

Until the 70s Dr. Diaz Santos draws attention to the fact that all of his recommendations are relevant for those over 70 and older. Eating a balanced and healthy diet, getting enough sleep, managing stress, and continuing to learn new skills help protect the brain in your 70s and older. In addition, maintaining social connections and interacting with other people is also important for brain health at this age. Dr. Another issue Diaz-Santos wants people of all ages to be aware of; It’s never too late to start practicing brain-supporting habits. “Your brain can always benefit from small changes, so never underestimate their power! He speaks.

Well, in the modern era where we are so addicted to the digital world and spend most of our time in front of screens, if we ask if there is a way to use these screens to our advantage and thus keep our brain healthy, the answer is yes. With the help of various applications, we can keep our brain healthy while spending time on our phone, tablet or computer.

Best Practices for Maintaining Brain Health

If you’re ready to challenge your mind, here are brain-healthy mobile apps that people of almost all ages can benefit from:


It’s never too late to learn a new language, especially when it’s so good for brain health… With Duolingo, the most fun and motivating language learning app in years, you can invest in your personal development and support your brain. health, greeting in a new language. With Duolingo, which offers over 100 courses in 41 languages, from English to French, German to Japanese, you can compete against your friends as you improve your language skills.


How about giving your brain a little exercise? With the Elevate app, which will improve your skills such as numerical operations, reading comprehension, writing, memory, and train your brain in various fields from history to science, from literature to mathematics, taking care of your mind, you can dust off information by boosting your performance.


PopcornTrivia, one of the best apps of last year, is for movie lovers only! If you’re interested in the big screen, if you like telling your friends about the movies you’ve seen and influenced, and if you like to quote movies, this is the app for you. You can challenge yourself or your loved ones in this app that will refresh your cinematic background and push the boundaries of your memory at the same time, and have a good time exercising your brain.


Another fun way to train your brain while having fun: peak. With the Peak app you will be able to improve your visual memory, your numerical abilities, in short, all your cognitive abilities. You can improve your brain health by having fun playing games of varying difficulty levels designed by focusing on different abilities such as concentration, problem solving, speed and memory.


How about giving your brain a little exercise? With Lumosity, a complete series of brain training games, you can discover your strengths and weaknesses, track your progress in your cognitive skills, and challenge yourself with daily brain exercises. No matter your age, you can find plenty of games to train your brain while having fun on Lumosity.


Designed for kids ages 4-13 and even adults, MentalUp offers easy-to-understand and varied exercises to improve cognitive abilities. This is a brain exercise app prepared with innovative learning methods. If you are looking for something to support your family’s brain health, this app is suitable for all ages.

brain trainer

How do you see yourself in focus? Or in logical thinking? An application that will improve your concentration, improve your visual memory and strengthen your matching skills; Brain trainer. As the name suggests, if you want to exercise your brain a bit, this is the app for you.

Trivia Rift

Music, history, science, general culture… You can start to stretch your memory a bit by choosing any of the colorful categories. Start having fun right now with Trivia Crack, where you can have fun remembering your old information and compete against your friends for brain training.


It is known that chess is a game that trains the brain, develops strategic thinking and concentration… But what if it is not always possible to find an opponent to play with? Don’t worry, you can solve this problem with the Chess app. Suitable for all levels, you can use this app to learn, play and keep your brain healthy.

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