The best domestic and foreign productions of 2022 worth watching before the end of the year


As the last days of the year approach, we wanted to return to the big screen world of 2022. Those who are eagerly awaited, loved ones, and those who have swept the agenda … All of them are in our article. We have collected for you the best domestic and foreign productions of 2022. If you want to watch before the end of the year, you can create a list of movies/series right away. Here are the best content of 2022 across platforms from Netflix to Disney Plus, from Amazon Prime to HBO:

Best Domestic Productions of 2022

It can be said that 2022 was a very pleasant year with domestic production picking up steam after the pandemic. Here are the 2022 domestic productions worth watching before the end of the year, with good performances and impressive scripts from both TV series and movies:


Starring successful actor Engin Gunaydin, the one we miss in comedy productions, Andropoz manages to impress audiences with a completely different look and make them laugh in every scene as he turns the corner. Incredible events that happened to a man who began to look at life with completely new eyes after 50 years, and everyone who accompanies him … Get ready for moments of laughter.

Olive Tree

Domestic Netflix production that took the world by storm: The Olive Tree. You can start exploring your family tree after watching The Olive Tree, which tells you that you can be healed by being free from the pain that we brought from our ancestors, which touches more and more hearts with each episode.

Between the world and me

When you talk to your partner as if it were someone else, how confident are you in their answers? The successful Disney Plus domestic production of “Between the World and Me” is about a mysterious relationship. An exciting series is valued not only for an extraordinary script, but also for a successful game. If you’re wondering how many people can fit in a heart or how many people can fit in love, this mini-series is for you.

Ersan Kuneri

The long-awaited black comedy with the return to the stage of Cem Yilmaz: Ershan Kuneri. The entertaining series, which is one of Netflix’s most popular content, manages to drag you into the past and then into fantasy worlds in every episode. For moments of laughter, you can end the entire season in one sitting.

Midnight at Pera Palace

How about taking a breathtaking tour through the dusty pages of history? Starring successful actress Hazal Kaya, Midnight at Pera Palace is almost a short trip to a wonderland. This is a great performance for those who miss old Istanbul and wonder what it would be like to see Atatürk, the founder of our country, even for a few seconds.

bird flight

Are enemies always far away, or can they be closer than we might have imagined? Get ready to be amazed by Bird Flight, a successful production that shows how heavy the burden of success can be in today’s world, and is almost a story about hunters and hunters.


If we say Istanbul one day, what comes to mind? Or that you “want” to come? Whether we remember it or not, this is a production that has remained hidden in the dusty pages of history and tells about everything that made Istanbul Istanbul, touching all hearts, from which something lumps in your throat and your nose hurts: Club. It is useful to watch it at a time when you will shed tears.

What about me?

Cheerful, cheerful, funny, lively, lively, cute … In a word, everything that will make you smile broadly is in this film. An adaptation of Asly Kyzmaz’s book of the same name, What’s Happening to Me, tells the story of a young woman’s journey in search of herself. You can be inspired by the successful adventure of a young woman who does not give up and finally achieves her dreams, even if all sorts of mishaps happen to her.

you look alive

A heartwarming film about the difficult and rewarding aspects of being a single mother and how life is full of unexpected surprises: Sen Yasamaya Bak. You won’t understand how the minutes pass in this delightful production starring successful actress Aslı Enver.


In the film “Dilberai”, which tells about the difficult life struggle of our beloved artist Dilber Ai, whom we lost in 2019, you will see a strong woman who, despite difficult living conditions, finds her voice and manages to get out of the seemingly bottomless well with their songs. We can say that this woman, who did not give up, despite her painful history, has a lot to learn.


Love, patience, ambition, pain, violence, music… You will not be able to hold back the tears in the film of the same name, which tells about the life of Bergen, one of the strong female voices of the Arabesque. How it combines love, marriage, success and a passion for singing; In this film, you will learn how strong a woman can be who does not give up, despite all the difficulties.

they are obedient

One of Netflix’s most unusual local productions, Done… Imagine a family, each on their own and each with their own secrets. A yearning father, an obsessive mother, and realities that are very different from what they seem. You may love Uysallar, a series that is hard to explain, especially if you’re into punk style. After a few episodes, you can feel like a hero of the series, let’s say so.

Best Foreign Productions of 2022

Foreign productions, which had a year no less eventful than domestic ones, contain a lot of immersive content, from long-awaited series to action films and amazing biographies. From the world of Marvel to the return of ’90s star Sex and the City, here are the movies to watch before the end of this year:


The latest Netflix content: Wednesday. The comment “mind-blowing” might be very appropriate for this series. You can forget to blink your eyes as you watch this series about the process of making friends and enemies and the mysterious murders of a young girl who is striking in her intelligence.

Inventing Anna

Legendary production in the style of a documentary film based on a true story: Inventing Anna. You will be amazed by each episode of the mini-series about the successful story of an ambitious and obsessive woman who creates herself from almost nothing, first her rise, and then her fall.


Flirtatious Barney from How I Met Your Mother plays a different role this time: an obsessive lover. You’ll love Uncoupled, a delightful series that tells the story of a man whose life has been turned upside down and who is trying to come to his senses after being left by his beloved, in a mostly fun and friendly atmosphere.


Special setting for thrillers: 1899 In this latest production, you will see how the lives of immigrants have changed on the way to America, and you will witness how their hopes turn into disappointment. We are sure that you will watch it with bated breath.

The happiest girl in the world

How effective is the past in creating the present? Luckiest Girl Alive is the story of a successful woman who finds herself in the past, trying to escape her past and rebuild her life by accepting it instead of running away.


Starring successful actor Tom Holland, Uncharted was one of the most anticipated films of the year. In Uncharted, the entertainment series in which Sony brings exclusive PlayStation games to the big screen, you’ll follow the adventures of a man known for his intellect in search of a lost fortune with a skilled treasure hunter.


Another record content of 2022: Dahmer. Horror, thrillers, action, drama – everything you are looking for is in this series. In a series about the life of American serial killer Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, you don’t get how the episodes go, you want to finish the whole season in one sitting.

The woman across the street from the girl in the window

While we can’t read her name in one breath, one of this year’s most exciting productions is The Woman Across the Street from the Girl in the Window. You will become a guest in the mysterious world of a woman who lives on her own in this production that will surprise and push the boundaries of your mind from time to time, and it will be difficult for you to distinguish reality from fantasy. .

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness

The long-awaited and very popular film about Doctor Strange, one of the favorite characters of the Marvel series: Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness. If you want to have a good time in the fantasy world of Marvel, you can schedule a movie night right now.

The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power

The Lord of the Rings is back! A production that will greatly delight fans of fantasy worlds: Rings of Power. You will return to ancient times and discover completely new worlds in this series, which takes place thousands of years before the events of the Lord of the Rings series.

midnight club

Are you ready to get a little scared? You can reach the peak of tension with The Midnight Club, one of Netflix’s most popular horror-themed series. Get ready to witness horror stories in a nursing home for young people struggling with deadly diseases.

And just like that

The most modern version of the world of “Sex and the City” returned after many years: And Just Like That. The characters you miss, the streets of New York, luxury accessories, romance, betrayals and more. If you have deep nostalgia for the 90s, you can quench your nostalgia with And Just Like That.

What are your favorite movies/series of 2022? Don’t forget to share with us in the comments!

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