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The healing power of aromasThis topic has troubled people for centuries. Fragrances, which have been among the various remedies from the past to the present, have gained a wide reputation for alleviating the negative effects of various diseases, and many people still benefit from the healing world of fragrances. Healing with herbal, aromatherapy aromas, aims to promote holistic health and wellness This is a kind of natural therapy method. Smells in the brain emotional, mental and physiological reactions known to cause therefore the correct use of fragrances, can help relieve many diseases.

Fragrances in various forms, obtained from flowers, leaves, roots or bark of plants and trees, can be used for various purposes. Whether you massage your head with peppermint oil when you have a headache or burn lavender incense when you need to relax a bit, you may already be tapping into the healing power of scents. However, healing fragrances and its effects are not limited to just these two examples. There are many other mystical scents that reduce stress, are good for insomnia, relieve symptoms of depression, ease the effects of a cold, refresh energy, treat stomach problems, in short, support holistic health.

Although many studies, personal experience and expert opinions provide a lot of information about the effects of odors. limited scientific evidence Keep in mind that different scents may have different effects, may vary from person to person, and to avoid possible health problems or side effects. Before use, you should consult your doctor.

In the continuation of our article, you will be able to find different smells and their effects, discover the scents you need and prepare yourself based on research in the field of clinical aromatherapy. aromatherapy recipes You can read along with their preparation and use. If you are ready for a short journey into the healing world of aromas, then go ahead:

Patchouli: The scent of patchouli soothes the mind and can help open the mind when used during meditation. It is also a romantic scent and is known to help relieve skin inflammation and skin conditions such as eczema.

Amber: It is known that amber, which has a mystical smell, has been used since ancient times. The aroma of amber provides peace of mind and protects against negative energy. It also calms the mind and helps relieve stress.

Cardamom: The scent of cardamom is a scent that promotes romance and is believed to increase sexual desire. It also stimulates the mind and helps increase energy.

Musk: The aroma of musk enhances sexual desire, awakens romantic feelings and calms the mind. In addition, it helps improve skin health and is often used in perfumery.

Pine: The aroma of pine invigorates the mind and opens the airways. Pine oil can also be used for conditions such as muscle pain, rheumatism, and colds.

Tea tree: Tea tree has antibacterial and antifungal properties and is known to help relieve skin inflammation and skin problems such as acne. For this reason, you can find the age tree in the composition of many skin care products.

Oud: Made from oud wood, the oil has a mystical scent and is a common perfume ingredient in Indian, Arabic and Persian cultures. Oud oil is also known to calm the mind, relieve stress, and purify the energy of the environment.

Palo Santo: The scent of palo santo calms the mind and provides deep relaxation when used during meditation. It also helps relieve stress, strengthen the immune system, and increase energy.

Juniper: The aroma of juniper invigorates the mind and boosts energy. It also helps relieve physical ailments such as sinus congestion and respiratory infections.

Agarwood (ud): The scent of agarwood evokes mystical feelings and is ideal for mind-opening activities such as meditation and yoga. It also helps relieve pain, reduce stress, and improve skin health.

Eucalyptus: The scent of eucalyptus can help relieve ailments such as sinus congestion and respiratory infections. It is also known to stimulate the mind and increase concentration.

Lemon: The aroma of lemon has a refreshing and invigorating effect. Lemon oil helps to cope with insomnia, stomach problems, sinusitis and stress.

Orange: The aroma of orange is known for its anti-stress and soothing effect. Like lemon oil, orange oil is helpful for insomnia, stomach problems, and sinusitis.

Rose: The aroma of rose has a romantic and calming effect. Rose oil helps to cope with depression, anxiety and stress.

Sage: The aroma of sage invigorates and energizes the mind. Sage oil can be used for digestive problems, coughs and colds. It is also preferred to be used as an incense to purify bad energy in the environment.

Jasmine: Due to its relaxing properties, jasmine helps treat problems such as sleep problems, anxiety and stress.

Lavender: The aroma of lavender is known for its calming and anti-stress effect. The scent of lavender helps alleviate negative conditions such as sleep problems, anxiety and depression.

Mint: The aroma of mint gives a feeling of freshness and invigorates the mind. Peppermint oil helps with headaches, stomach and respiratory problems.

Vanilla: The aroma of vanilla has a relaxing effect and helps alleviate emotional problems such as stress, anxiety and depression. In addition, it is a fragrance that promotes romance.

Bergamot: The aroma of bergamot helps relieve stress and calm the mind. It can also help reduce skin inflammation and skin problems such as acne.

Rosemary: The aroma of rosemary invigorates the mind, boosts energy and improves concentration. It also helps relieve physical ailments such as sinus congestion and respiratory infections, and is also known to support skin health.

Geranium (geranium): Geranium oil calms the nerves and reduces anxiety, therefore helping to fight the symptoms of depression.

You can use these fragrances individually or combine them in the right amounts to create medicines for various health purposes. A clinical aromatherapy study published in the Journal of Psychosocial Care and Mental Health Services indicates that there are several ways to alleviate emotional distress. If you want to benefit from aroma healing, here are the remedies included in the study:

Anxiety, fear, panic attack: 5 drops sandalwood, 5 drops lavender, 2 drops bergamot. Mix the fragrances in a small tube and snort several times a day as needed.

Chronic anxiety, overthinking: 10 drops sandalwood, 5 drops lavender, 3 drops lemon oil. Mix the fragrances in a small tube and snort several times a day as needed.

Depression: 6 drops sage, 6 drops geranium (geranium), 4 drops lemon oil. Add to a spray bottle containing approximately 120 ml of water. Spray onto face, chest and neck morning and evening with eyes closed.

Grief, shock, depression: 6 drops of rose oil, 5 drops of sage oil, 4 drops of lemon oil. Add about 60 ml of jojoba oil or unscented lotion. Apply to chest, stomach and back several times a day.

Insomnia: 2 drops bergamot, 10 drops lavender, 5 drops chamomile oil. Add about 60 ml of jojoba oil or unscented lotion. Apply to chest and neck before bed.

Stress, tension: 4 drops jasmine, 2 drops bergamot, 5 drops sage oil. Mix it with about 60 g of bath salt or sea salt. After filling the bath with water, add the mixture while taking a bath at night.

While arguing that flavors in recipes are often preferred, the researchers note that this way everyone can apply their own natural healing method. If you wish, you can also prepare these medicines for yourself and use them according to your needs.

Finally, it should be noted that a wide variety of oils, incense and aromatherapy fragrances can be found on the market. For this reason, it is worth taking care to buy fragrances from places that you trust and are sure of their naturalness.

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