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The Balkans with their green nature, icy rivers, historical texture and cultural diversity


Balkanswith its green nature, icy rivers, historical texture and cultural diversity. Those who want to make a cultural and sea trip without the hassle of a visa A good option for Traveling with an excursion, there are pros and cons, you have to go with a tight schedule and discipline for eight days, but it’s not easy to create such nice routes yourself, and if you want to do it, then you have to work hard, so I can say that it is was a logical choice.

Our guide was a man who loved his job and we were lucky in that regard. Taking into account the five Balkan countries that we visited, I can say that the Balkans have not advanced as far as Turkey in the service sector. Even if the hotels are four-star or five-star, you may experience problems with the Internet and you may be faced with a limited choice of food. BelgradeAs for Wi-Fi, I can reserve it, because free Wi-Fi can be found on the street, in the market, everywhere.

In terms of budget, traveling in the Balkans, you will not spend more than in Istanbul. It was previously said that it was more affordable when the exchange rate was not so high. I can say that the prices for food, drink and shopping in the Balkan countries are equivalent to Turkish ones at the moment. The striking difference is that water is more expensive and alcohol much cheaper. Good food and drinks cost around 10-15 euros.

in Belgrade, capital of Serbia Knyaz Mikhailov streetreminds me of Taksim street. With its dynamic structure and historic buildings, you can find everything you need for food and shopping on this street, and the rhythms and timbres of live music accompany you on every corner of the street. You can get to Kalemegdan, where the Sava and Danube rivers cross, by walking a little from this square. You can get to the Sava River from the city center either by bus 888 or on foot, eat and drink something by the river. Most of all in Serbia I admired the villages and the architecture of the village houses, the big houses built like villas and the manicured gardens… It really is worth seeing.

Bosnia Vrelo Bune

With high mountains and clear rivers Bosnia and Herzegovina Although it attracts attention with its beauty, even contemplating the traces of the Bosnian war of 1992-1995 breaks your heart. Sarajevo greets its visitors with sadness, especially the unrestored and scanned buildings, which are determined not to make them forget the bitter face of war.


monument to unquenchable fire, Sarajevo Ketadrali attracts attention with its historical texture. The Mostar Neretva River fascinates with its beauty, and Vrelo Bune has natural beauties that are a must see. small town TrebinjeI love it, you can feel the peace in this city.

Montenegro Like Croatia, it was preparing to join the European Union, so those who want to travel without a visa should hurry up. Kotor like a bay city that smells of history Budva These are cities to be seen with their more touristy texture, sea and nature, and which we have marked as places to explore when staying for a longer period of time.

Stevi Stefan Island

Although we did not have the opportunity to visit Albania in detail, I was very surprised by the two cities that we passed and the rubbish that we had to see on the way to Macedonia. Although there are garbage cans in the city, the bins are empty, but, unfortunately, the surroundings and roadsides are full of garbage. Those few kilometers that I’m talking about are not a roadside, but an area filled with pieces of garbage for kilometers … It made me wonder why this is so. Also the capital and largest city of Albania Tyrant This is a city worth seeing.

Lake Dream

I also loved Macedonia very much. St. Naum, Ohrid, Skopje, Lake Dream… It’s good that we saw them all, there were places that created the feeling that we had arrived. Ohrid is a happy place with its pearls, peacocks, squirrels, friendly people and rich nature, with its rivers, lake, seafood restaurants that make you feel like you are in Italy.

Ohrid Saint Naum

Skopje is a city that has a lot of Turks, giant statues have been built all over the city for city statues that have received $250 billion in funding. These statues are waiting for visitors, adding to the splendor of the river Vardar and Tashkopru.

Thanks to Melis Sertogullar for the photos!

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