The Art of Keeping the Subconscious Clean: Our Consumer Habits


In the modern world, each of us at every moment of time is under the influence of various stimuli. Unlike our ancestors who lived hundreds of years ago, it no longer touches the ground; we cannot gather fruit from its branches, we cannot feed “enough” from clean sources. Contrary to our thousands of years of factory settings, we do things that are bad for our bodies and are constantly exposed to new conditions through social media ads. Our topic today is our consumer habits. What consumption do we consciously make because we really need it? Could AI algorithms that learn all of our inclinations and habits through social media dominate our minds/choices even more in the future?

See what dear Sinan Janan, the master of these studies, has to say:

“Our brain is slowly losing the ability to authenticate the interaction and information it encounters online, both in terms of density and source access. Intense bombardment of data overloads and disables our brain’s analytical thinking and decision-making systems, and we turn into individuals who behave under the influence of “autopilot”. The advertisements that we unknowingly click on, the posts that we semi-consciously like, and even the texts that we enter into text and query fields and delete without submitting them, are processed in large databases. “Big data for education”, which is the most important need of artificial intelligence algorithms designed to predict human behavior, has flooded international servers through this unconscious use. By learning gigabytes of data through pattern analysis and learning the patterns in them better and better, AI algorithms can perform all sorts of tricks that “give us exactly what we want, when we want it” and make us “wanting to send more data” . at any time.” Sinan Canan (İFA: Man’s Factory Settings, Book 2)

Can we choose to “enlightenment”, “be ourselves” and not be included in all the persistent and distracting stimuli of modern technology? Can we acquire positive habits that are good for our soul and make us feel good, instead of buying our 25th T-shirt that we’re trying to buy new because fashion has changed? Can we really go beyond “matter”?

However, life depends on our choice…

American scientist Dr. David Hawkins, in his book Strength Against Strength, in which he describes our frequencies, says: “Enlightenment is rare, not because of the difficulties involved in taking the necessary steps, but because few people in modern society care about it. Stop a thousand people on the street and ask, “What do you want most in life?” If we were to ask how many people would say “enlightenment”?

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until we meet again…

Stay with love…

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