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We can all experience negative emotions at different times in our lives and find it difficult to decide what to do, how to behave, and what steps to take to heal. Many emotions and situations, such as helplessness, loneliness, fear of change, and anxiety about the future that we feel when we are very close to losing hope, can make us worry about how things will turn out and get stuck. While it is effective to take steps to reduce the stress we experience during these difficult times, prioritize our own needs, accept our feelings and realities, and get out of the process by giving ourselves time, we may also need other sources of energy. support. And people who share their compelling experiences in inspiring and motivating supportive videos, such as TED talks, can help lift us up and bring back hope.

How to do laundry when you’re depressed – KC Davis

Has it occurred to you that approaching cleaning from a different perspective can have a positive impact on mental health? A mother of two and noted therapist, KC Davis, author of How to Keep a Home While You’re Drowning, takes a whole new look at household chores like ironing, laundry and cleaning, and talks about how you can improve your mental health. and be kinder to yourself, based on your own experience of motherhood. You should definitely listen to Davis’ talk for tips on coping with difficult and stressful periods of stress, from fighting the procrastination habit to stress relief tips.

How to deal with anxiety? — Olivia Remes

Olivia Rems, who does a lot of anxiety research, redefines anxiety and offers important steps to overcome it. Who is always with us and goes with us wherever we go, and speaks a word about everything. (wrong, no, very bad, that’s not how it’s done, etc.) Remes, who defines anxiety as a voice that criticizes and whispers that something bad will happen even when we may feel happy, tells us that we need to be kind to ourselves and others in order to get rid of it, and suggests in his speech a lot of useful tips. .

Don’t Suffer Quietly When You’re Depressed – Nikki Webber Allen

Producer and activist Nikki Webber Allen points out in her inspiring TED talk that we shouldn’t be ashamed of our emotions, feelings, and experiences, and that fighting certain emotions is not a sign of weakness; on the contrary, he emphasizes that it is a sign that we are human. Stating that although he has been diagnosed with depression for many years while trying to cope with stress and anxiety, Allen explains how he avoided this diagnosis, could not tell anyone, and therefore could not get the help he needed at first. He asks her to extend her hand.

The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage – Susan David

Renowned psychologist Susan David, in her inspiring speech, argues that we live in a world of emotional rigidity and explains that our emotions are labeled as “good” or “bad” and bad feelings are pushed aside so that they cannot be justified. However, he says that we need to realize that our feelings do not belong to us, but that we have them, and advises to act emotionally agile, strong and courageous in order to combat emotional rigidity. David challenges a culture that favors positivity over emotional reality and invites all of us to embrace all of our emotions.

Try something new for 30 days – Matt Cutts

Do you have some negative habits stuck, and you do not know how to get rid of them and acquire useful ones? Then this performance by Matt Cutts is for you. You can open doors to a better life by challenging yourself for 30 days. With small steps and small changes, you can achieve a lot and increase your self-confidence. Inspired by a speech by Cutts who said, “In 30 days, anyway, why not try something you’ve never done before…” and you can start what you want today.

The Gift of Hard Times – Tara Igoe

In her TED talk, communications expert and professional development coach Tara Igo discusses strategies for coping with difficult times and dealing with stress, drawing on her own experience. Saying that our goal in life is to have the courage to face ourselves and accept our own reality, Igoe draws attention to the fact that we must act with “love” and not with fear. He emphasizes that when we view the negative situations we face during stressful and troubling times as an opportunity for transformation, we can light our own path.

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