Take Bold Steps for Change in the New Year


Approaching the end of the year, I once again remember that the greatest strength of a person is hope. The year 2022, which I saw and understood, again shocked us all very well, but in spite of everything, we have hopes for 2023! I think this is our biggest strength, I hope! Doesn’t our role in this stage of life end when we lose it? Hope is our greatest strength, but let’s face it, it doesn’t do anything! What I mean? She hopes, makes affirmations, but still doesn’t have the courage to look at what’s real, I’m so sorry no affirmations, no hopes will work!

Life is not meant for us! But he wants us to accept what he wants to teach, and he is very insistent on it until we get it, only then can we change the path. Life really wants us to go step by step through our own dark tunnel and know our soil and our roots, instead of trying to beautify the soil with so-called affirmations. Because as soon as we enter our own dark tunnel, when we meet our own darkness, only then do affirmations begin to penetrate into the soil.

You can’t change what you don’t know

2022 Ozde re-entered the rooms I thought he knew and taught me that I don’t know the place at all. When I entered the room, everything was not as I thought, I must admit, I did not like anything I saw. Isn’t man’s greatest confession to be aware of his own darkness? You can’t turn your head to things you don’t like and pretend they don’t exist! When you boldly turn your head, the first step is taken to change something there! So as we approach the end of 2022, my most sincere suggestions are:

  • Look back, not to criticize yourself, to glare at your own inadequacy, but to envelop that person: Every day Instagram and Facebook remind me of my posts and you know I love looking back. Trust me I don’t like what I see every time I turn my back I can criticize Ozde so madly for what I’ve done, the paths I’ve taken, the steps I’ve taken I can’t explain but when I look back where I am, the only thing that flows from me is love.
  • As you look back, try to understand that person for what they did and didn’t do, and then accept it! Understanding, the first action for the emergence of love: Each time I return, I become more aware of the paths that Ozde paved with her landmarks. And I know that I’m here because of that girl’s choice, what she couldn’t do, what she did!
  • Hope, dream Never lose hope! But as your dreams take root on the earth, let their leaves unfold towards the sky!
  • Make a board for creativity: I have been doing this for the last two years. I take a colorful living cardboard, select possible images from Pinterest and paste on the cardboard what I want to implement in the new year, write a description next to it, write as if everything had just happened, and hang it in the most visible part of my room.
  • Do your best and then trust: Whatever you want to happen on cardboard, you can do, do your best, and then forget about it and let go.
  • Never forget who the main character of this movie is: Never forget that you are the hero of this movie, and no matter what, don’t let that take you away from you!

The affirmations, sage teas and candles brought by today’s spirit world are very beautiful and valuable! So do I, but there is something that I believe with all my heart that everything that has no root must die, and I’m sorry, but 2023 still seems like it will not be easy, but not our relationship with it determine everything by state? That’s why I’m sharing my compass with you: Have your resources!

Touch, do, apply what is good for you… Swim, walk in nature, but as long as it helps you connect with the pure nature of life. Why is it important? Just as the sun is not always warm, the same is true for our emotional world. When difficult events occur, the nervous system of a person who has found its source and comes into contact with it becomes more balanced. Because the most important point of contact with our resources is that when the time comes, it acts as a support kit until it returns to our resources when it gets dark. A guide to the times we can’t practice is when we do.

Share: Have friends with whom you can talk about your heart without the slightest judgment. Instead of offering you artificial solutions, let them make you feel what healing is – just to rest and be seen.

Passion: This man, this woman, this car, this work is not my passion, I will strive for it! Passion means striving for life. It doesn’t mean rebelling against the waves of life, it’s about doing your best no matter what and feeling enthusiastic about every step you take. The smile of a child, a blossoming flower, a blue sky… the readiness to fill the moment as much as possible with vital enthusiasm, not missing the simple things, is the key to this path.

Surrender is not a passive place: Surrender is not a place where you can do nothing.” A flower that blooms enthusiastically in summer and is left to the wind in winter is surrender. In other words, doing the best we can and then relying on the life that has taken us this far is giving up.

Is there misfortune? Agenda of the country, personal agendas, uncertainty of the future…. I’m sure the list is too long for all of us, isn’t it? I am not saying that we should not feel this fear and unhappiness and wear rose-colored glasses. Let’s just sit next to him long enough to see the emotions actually happen or intend to develop the desire to sit.

The last word: Whenever dark clouds begin to gather in front of me in my own life, whenever fear wants to take the lead, I stand still and say:

You have come so far! You have come this far as a result of many events. From here you will go where you need to go. Just because you don’t know doesn’t mean you won’t go! To relax…

Let’s welcome the new year without putting on our rose-colored glasses and getting bad luck.
hope dies last
Don’t kill your hope
Feel free to sow again and again if necessary,
Because life is like building a sandcastle…
Without further ado, rejoice and live the waves at every interval!
Appreciate every moment when we are here.

Happy New Year!

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