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Many of us love this most vibrant and stormy time of the year to show our loved ones how dear they are to us. As Christmas approaches, one of the best times to give and receive gifts, we think of hundreds of options to make our loved ones happy. We are looking for something special that will make them feel special. We want to address gifts that carry a meaningful message, not things bought just to be given without thought or effort. That’s why we’re here this year with sustainable and sustainable Christmas gifts…

In this article, we have compiled our suggestions for your loved ones who are trying to take care of their preferences in their daily lives for a greener world by thinking about them and buying gifts, as well as showing that you care about the environment. with your approach to nature. From eco-friendly kitchen products to waste-free personal care, from clothes made from sustainable fabrics to home-grown plant kits, check out our gift offerings and sustainable brands to give you a variety of choices…

Eco-friendly personal care products

We have another gift offer that will make very happy your loved ones who care about their personal care and are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bottled cosmetics that generate millions of plastic waste every year: natural personal care products that generate waste. free care and give your skin the value it deserves. Fragrant solid shampoos, organic soaps, deodorants or vegan body brushes… You can give your loved ones a happy New Year’s gift with eco-friendly personal care products that you place in an elegant grooming box. Buba Life natural stone facial massage sets or 100% natural gourd fiber gloves will help your loved ones get the perfect treatment. Soothing plant-based body lotions, sulfate-free shampoos or Pure Project reusable natural cotton balls, specially made for both adults and children, can also add variety to your gifts. Don’t forget to pick up something for yourself 😊.

aromatherapy oils

How would you like to do it with respect for nature while supporting the well-being of your loved ones in the new year? You can gift your loved ones who are interested or want to be interested in the healing world of plants from aromatherapy oils that will make them feel better with their beautiful and effective scents. After exploring the products of the wellness-oriented brand Vinacocha, you will be able to buy any essential or essential oils, beeswax candles. If you wish, you can also get acquainted with special gift sets.

Eco-friendly clothing

Made from sustainable fabrics, produced using sustainable methods, from natural or recycled materials, and minimizing the environmental impact at all stages of production, your eco-friendly and fashionable friend will be delighted in the New Year. Linen jackets, cotton pajamas, bamboo dresses… Products made from ecological fabrics will put a smile on the faces of your loved ones who care about their environmental preferences. If you wish, you can choose from local brands that produce great designs based on respect for nature and an understanding of ethics. You can check out Ä°kikız products for stylish linen kimonos, Gaia’s Minies for organic baby wipes and muslin cases, and Darwin’s Botanicals for natural fabric hair accessories. You can also take a look at Prev’s appleskin designer shoes, which are blowing the wind of change in the fashion industry by using plants instead of animal skins.

Grow Kits & Organic Waxes

By evaluating your selection of gifts for a greener world, you can help your loved ones decorate their living spaces. You can gift grow kits to your friends who love taking care of flowers, spending time caring for plants, and creating green spaces in their homes. If you want, you can create a box of organic candles for your eco-friendly relatives who are interested in decorating, or you can buy kits to make your own natural candles as a Christmas gift.

Organic oral and dental care products

You may not, under normal circumstances, treat oral and dental care products like a Christmas present. However, the zero waste oral and dental care products you choose for your friend who cares about the environment and makes his daily choice of environmentally friendly products can be a very meaningful gift for him. For a Christmas present, you might consider a grooming kit consisting of an organic mouthwash, a bamboo toothbrush, flavored toothpaste tablets, or a copper tongue cleaner.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products

Cleanliness in the house is undoubtedly very important for all of us. However, from time to time, we may ignore the damage we cause to nature by cleaning our living spaces. By choosing natural products over chemical cleaners, we can allow ourselves and our loved ones to adopt an environmentally friendly habit. If you haven’t yet discovered the Lindos Mediterranean Naturals brand, which works for healthy generations free of harmful chemicals and a more livable world with less plastic, Christmas could be a great time. You can click to discover Lindos Laundry Soaps and Surface Cleaners, which offer pure, all-natural and herbal cleaners in refillable bottles and operate with a no-waste approach.

Durable thermoses, flasks

If your nature-conscious friend is especially fond of drinking tea and coffee, you can give him a quality thermos bottle or a durable glass flask that he can use for a long time and carry his drinks with him. If you wish, you can add special mugs to your options, which not only attract attention with their stylish design, but also respect nature, as they are made from coffee shells. Who could want to enjoy organic coffee more than your friends who care about respect for nature? But of course, you need something worthy of these organic products… You can also enrich this gift option with delicious Smoody’s Vitamin Capsule, which offers the most functional form of coffee with its vitamin-rich and supportive content. You can click to view coffee capsules with vitamins right now.

organic food

What could be more sustainable than nature itself, right? While plans are being made for ready-made New Year’s tables and recipes are being prepared, how about a gift that will make your loved ones very happy and show that you care about their health? Homemade pickles, natural oils, organic fruits and vegetables or cheeses and more can make a wonderful Christmas basket. You can get acquainted with the natural and delicious products of the Ä°ksirli Çiftlik and Datça Murat farm, from homemade jams to organic eggs, from homemade tarhana to village noodles, and choose wonderful products for yourself and your loved ones; If you wish, you can buy special Christmas baskets for the New Year.

Natural tableware

Natural coconut bowls are very popular, which most of us have come across lately, especially on social networks. The set can combine stylish, healthy and eco-friendly bowls with bamboo spoons and forks; You can also add bamboo chopsticks if you want to make it more interesting and fun. If you plan to include steel straws in this set, be sure to include straw cleaner and fine brushes in the gift set. Your friends will have their ears ringing while they eat their delicious food and drink their delicious drinks.

Alternatives to Disposable Storage Products

The kitchen is where most of us consciously or unknowingly use plastic products and generate a lot of waste. Therefore, you can consider suggestions to help reduce the number of disposable items used in the kitchen. Mom can be presented with food storage nets or glass containers of different sizes, which is used to wrapping almost everything with cling film or putting it in freezer bags. And you can choose wax pads, washable coffee filters and storage fabrics that will make it easier for your loved ones to work in the kitchen trying to change their preferences to be more sensitive to the environment.

Waste free menstrual products

This option can be very suitable if you are thinking about buying gifts for your girlfriends. You can surprise your loved ones, who are committed to minimizing the damage they cause to nature by making environmentally friendly choices, with sustainable versions of the products they will need on their special days. In addition, you can save them huge expenses every month. With washable pads, menstrual cups, or special menstrual panties, you can give an eco-friendly gift that meets their needs.

Bonus: upcycling designs

You can also create Christmas gifts using the resources you have instead of buying them. How? With recycling projects.

You can design coffee tables that will fit in your loved ones’ home and be a useful item from pallets that you don’t think will fit. You can make wonderful puffs or huge garden pots from your old car tires. Wouldn’t the eco-friendly Christmas present you make by putting in the time and effort for your friends who care about protecting nature will not be very happy?

Important note: It is also very important to bring them together with your loved ones, accompanying them with gift wrapping that will not harm the environment, as well as choosing eco-friendly gifts. After such careful thought and research into eco-friendly gifts, wrapping your gift using plastic can ruin the surprise magic a bit.

Almost all the colorful ribbons and design papers that come to mind when you think of gift wrapping are harmful to the environment because they contain plastic, so you need to change your idea of ​​classic gift wrapping a bit. For example, when you wrap it in a stylish shawl and package it as a gift, you will give your friends a shawl that they can use at the same time. You can see that both your thoughtful thoughts and your gifts will bring great happiness. If you wish, you can create eco-gift packages from fabrics that you decorate with dried flowers.

We wish you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year!

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