Suggestions on how to make the most of your semester holidays with your kids


The time has come, which all the children have been looking forward to, and the semester holidays have begun! Those who have already made plans or can’t decide what to do, parents who can’t take time off from work, and those who are trying to arrange their annual holiday for their children… We are sure that this period, very pleasant for children, can be a little difficult for parents; especially considering that especially young children get bored very quickly… Fortunately, we have several suggestions that will please every family. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your semester break with your kids:

Mark the end of the season

The first thing to do is celebrate the success of the last period! Regardless of your kids’ report card scores, you can throw a little party to celebrate their first semester. Invite friends over to your home and create an environment where they can play their favorite games. Let your children feel that their efforts and the fact that they closed the whole period matter both to them and to you. And don’t get hung up on the numbers, whatever the grades on their report cards. It is important to create an environment that highlights the end of an era and the beginning of a new one in two weeks and celebrates this transition.

Visit family

The semester can be a good opportunity for you and your children to visit family. We are sure that seeing the report card of your grandchildren is a great happiness, especially for grandparents who live far away! It is also a good opportunity for cousins ​​and nephews to get together. So get ready for a little semester break with your kids! If you’d like, you can also check out our article on the impact of family time on children.

Plan your snow vacation

Yes, the heat is still on and we don’t quite feel the approach of winter. But there are already snow-covered mountains at home and abroad… Whether you want to introduce your children to a new sport or are thinking of improving their skiing skills, a short snow break can benefit all of you. If you can’t go to a snow party, you can look for skating rinks or snow playgrounds in your city. For example, if you are in Istanbul, Snowpark can be a choice that will delight your children. Before you make your ski plan, be sure to check out our article on what to consider to prevent skiing injuries.


Focus on educational and fun holidays, evaluate the ending period together with your child and determine your goals and plans for the new semester. Only if there Focus not only on correcting bad grades, but also on ways to express your feelings and behavior in a healthier way, on friendship. For example, “What would you like to improve in your relationship with your friends in the near future?” A question like this can help you establish the right communication.

Follow the events in the city

The semester is usually the period when activities in the city become more child-oriented. You can use this period to your advantage and use it to develop the cultural and artistic side of your child. Suitable places to evaluate the holiday can be children’s theaters, youth films, age-appropriate exhibitions. On the other hand, you can follow playgrounds, events in museums, talks in children’s libraries. For example, Istanbul Aquarium, Kidzania, Beyoglu Illusion Museum, Butterfly Farm, Rahmi Koç Museum, Pelit Chocolate Factory, Miniaturk can be among your options in the city. But before you make a choice, be sure to consult with the children and listen to their opinion.

Do volunteer work together

We may think that you lack the support of your child’s emotional side when you focus on academic achievement during the school period. There is no better opportunity than a semester of volunteer work! You can take part in a charity organization with your child, visit organized bazaars, visit an animal shelter, communicate with the elderly in a nursing home. You can help him develop both socially and emotionally, help him spend his vacation in a different and useful way.

try something else

Children’s attention spans are known to be getting shorter and shorter. Because, unfortunately, we cannot find anything that can compete with the fast-paced content of social networks or online games, and their smooth, colorful and fast versions … Therefore, it is useful to highlight the differences, especially for children.but I’m so bored…‘ before he complained. So try to try as many different things as you can. It can be anything, like reading a book you haven’t read before, doing a new art (pottery, wood painting, punch, etc.), going somewhere you’ve never been before, cooking a new meal, signing up for a trial lesson in a sport you haven’t played yet. You can leave the choice to your child and their imagination.

do breathing exercises

There’s no better time than the semester to teach your kids about proper breathing, the importance of deep breathing, and how to stay calm. For young children who are often irritable and have difficulty controlling their anger and curbing their negative emotions, breathing exercises can help change their lives for the better. If you like, you can practice deep breathing together, drawing inspiration from our article on breathing techniques for children and adults.

Try mindfulness and yoga practices

Staying in the present, working and healing the body and mind in general is very important for people of all ages. You can enroll your child in a children’s yoga class or spend some time at home trying out some simple poses together. You can teach your child mindfulness practices to promote happiness and help them cope with difficult times more easily, especially as adults. Of course, don’t forget to do that too 😊.

If you want, what is Children’s Yoga that will help you in both of these matters? How does it contribute to the development of children? You can benefit from our articles on mindfulness and mindfulness practices for children.

Congratulations to all children on the holiday!

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