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Spotify releases the most popular videos of the year and the results of 2022 for users


The long-awaited day of the year in the music world has arrived and Spotify has announced their playlists for 2022. Sharing the most listened to music and podcasts throughout 2022, Spotify is back at the top of the charts in Turkey. Let’s take a look at what we’ve heard in this fast-paced year. Here are the most popular music and podcasts of the year announced as part of the Spotify 2022 Recap:

Summit changes in Turkey after 4 years

in Turkey in 2022 most listened to artist ultrasound This year, for the first time since 2018, the name of the summit was changed. ultrasoundrap artists jackal as well as Ezhelafter Level C5 as well as Sefo then fourth and fifth.

KÖFN Bi’ Tek Ben Understands is the most streamed song of 2022.

Most Streamed Songs pop song marked the rating this year. An electronic pop group that made a strong breakthrough this year and became the most streamed song in Turkey in the summer of 2022. KOEFNfrom Only I understand placed first. The second most popular song among listeners in Turkey this year. ultrasoundfrom IN ARASAN as long as it jackal‘from Help as well as ultrasoundfrom PAPARAZZI followed. One of the ambassadors of the Spotify EQUAL music program in Turkey in 2022 and one of the most popular songs of the year. Sun, One of my crimes Together with the song, she became the fifth most popular.

The address of the top in the list of the most listened to artists has not changed since 2017.

in Turkey in 2022 most streamed female artist The name that has not lost the first place in the list for the last 5 years Sezen Aksu second rising rap star this year Sun it is happened. Sezen Aksu and Gunes are among the most popular female artists respectively. Zeynep Bastik, Taylor Swift as well as Angel Mosso happened. While the union of Turkish pop and rap is not overlooked in the list of the 5 most popular female artists, the world famous pop star Taylor SwiftIt is noteworthy that Turkey also entered the top 5 of Turkey. Breaking world records with his latest album, Swift became the most popular artist in Turkey, the only foreign artist to enter the top five of albums and song lists. In this sense, the Spotify 2022 Summary of the Year results are proof that Turkish music is the most listened to in Turkey.

UZI enters the top five with two albums: here are the most popular albums in Turkey

listeners in Turkey in 2022 most streamed albums not only entered the list with two albums, but also took the first two places in the Top 5 list. ultrasoundfrom, EL CHAVO While his album topped the list, last year’s winner Blood and it was the second of 2022. on the list Level C5 album C5MODE third; Sun‘from Atlantis album four, jackal‘from Paradox was in fifth place.

The most popular podcast in Turkey in 2022 was “Information to Sell in the Media”.

in Turkey in 2022. most popular podcast convey to the audience their knowledge about culture, art, literature, philosophy and much more in their publications. Information for sale on Wednesdays was the first. Be good to yourself as well as Therapy under the stairs placed second and third on the list. Mexican dilemma Although this is the fourth most popular production, it tells the audience stories from the world of art, design and technology. 111 Hz with Baris Ozdan ranks fifth on the list.

Bad Bunny is the world leader for three years in a row

Reaching over 18.5 billion streams worldwide this year bad rabbitbecame the first artist to win three consecutive years. He released his new album at the end of October and broke records. Taylor Swift taking second place drake, Weekends and k-pop group bts followed.

When it comes to the most streamed songs in the world, the winner is the one that reached 1.6 billion streams this year. How it was With Harry Stylesit happens. Second and third songs respectively glass animalsfrom heat waves as well as Baby LAROY, Justin Bieber‘from STAY (with Justin Bieber) it happens. Bad Bunny Top 5, the most popular artist in the world, is in the top 5 with two songs. I am Porto Bonito as well as titi me pregunto He takes fourth and fifth place with his songs.

Most popular in 2022 in Turkey

In addition to data such as artist, genre, song, podcasts you listen to most, and who you listen to for how long, Listener Personality Type offers a fun new way for Spotify fans to find out which of 16 different listening personalities defines their style. listening throughout the year. Here are the Spotify TOP lists for 2022:

Most Popular Artists in Turkey in 2022

  1. ultrasound
  2. jackal
  3. Ezhel
  4. Level C5
  5. Sefo
  6. Sezen Aksu
  7. Batuflex
  8. motivation
  9. Smoke
  10. Emir Jan Ygrek

Most Popular Songs in Turkey in 2022

  1. KÖFN – Only I can understand
  2. Ultrasound – IN ARASAN
  3. jackal – help
  4. Ultrasound – PAPARAZZI
  5. The sun is one of my crimes
  6. Can Koch – I Can’t Hold the Sky
  7. Madrigal – Don’t worry about you
  8. Ezhel – Where are you?
  10. Sefo – I forgive

Most Played Albums in Turkey in 2022

  1. Ultrasound – EL CHAVO
  2. Ultrasound – Blood
  3. Level C5 – C5MODE
  4. Sun – Atlantis
  5. jackal – paradox
  6. Hold a full glass upside down – dark
  7. Motivation – 22
  8. Ray 6 – I’m going down
  9. We’re talking face to face – acoustic trauma
  10. No. 1 – Kron1k

The most popular female artists in Turkey in 2022

  1. Sezen Aksu
  2. Sun
  3. Zeynep Bastik
  4. Taylor Swift
  5. Angel Mosso
  6. Ebru Gundesh
  7. Lana Del Rey
  8. Sertab Erener
  9. Gulsen
  10. lil zey

Most Popular Podcasts in Turkey in 2022

  1. Information for sale on Wednesdays
  2. Be good to yourself
  3. Therapy under the stairs
  4. Mexican dilemma
  5. 111 Hz with Baris Ozdan
  6. mythological gems
  7. How to be
  8. Audiobook World
  9. This is true?
  10. Intelligence without a scarf

The most popular artists in the world in 2022

  1. bad rabbit
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. drake
  4. Weekends
  5. bts

The most popular songs in the world in 2022

  1. How It Was – Harry Styles
  2. Heat waves are glass animals
  3. STAY (with Justin Bieber) – The Kid LAROI
  4. Me Porto Bonito – Bad Bunny feat. Chencho Corleone
  5. Titi Me Pregunto – Bad Bunny

The most streamed albums in the world in 2022

  1. Un Verano Sin Ti, Bad Bunny
  2. Harry’s house, Harry Styles
  3. SOUR, Olivia Rodrigo
  4. =, Ed Sheeran
  5. Planet She, Dodge Cat

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