Special Christmas gifts for your loved ones with a minimalist lifestyle


With only a few days left before the New Year, we have collected our gift offers in different categories to please your loved ones. However, there is such a category that it is very difficult to choose a gift. Yes, you guessed it right: we are talking about minimalists.

We’ve put together gift suggestions that can make your minimalist loved ones who have made life with a few things a lifestyle and know they don’t want anything as a Christmas present as they enter the new year. It can be a good gift for your minimalistic loved ones to serve a delicious meal or chat with a cup of coffee and dessert; however, if you still want to buy something, you may need to take a break from classic gift ideas. Here are Christmas gift suggestions to help you choose a gift for your minimalist loved ones:

Unforgettable experience

You may have noticed that your minimalist friends prefer to have fewer things in their wardrobe and home. So while they will enjoy a very stylish outfit or a useful decorative item, they may be hesitant to use it as it may not fit with their minimalist approach. For this reason, you might want to consider giving an experience that won’t take up much space in their home, but that you’re sure will make them very happy.

A ticket to a concert of their favorite band or an exhibition they have long wanted to visit can help them experience the New Year’s enthusiasm. If they talk about the education they really want lately, you can add online courses to your options; personal development training or cooking, whatever your friend cares about… If you don’t think those options are right, a spa treatment or massage session might be the most guaranteed gift. An experience that will help your loved ones relax before the new year will be very useful for them.

delicious flavors

You can prepare a nice set of edible, drinkable and tasty treats to accompany your minimalist friends’ special moments and give as gifts. By combining different types of coffee, soothing herbal teas, handmade chocolate, dried fruit, matcha powder, or healthy snacks, you can help them have a relaxing time feeling much better. You can be sure that they will remember you with a smile in their eyes as they watch their favorite series while eating their healthy snacks accompanied by warm and delicious tea.

smart technologies

Technology continues to make our work easier and improve our daily lives in many ways. Technology that responds quickly to many of our daily needs, from smart robotic vacuum cleaners that clean our homes to fully automatic tea machines that brew the right consistency of tea at any time, is an effective gift option for both minimalists and everyone. . Think about it, wouldn’t an e-book taking up very little space be a very good Christmas gift for your minimalist friend who has as little space as possible in the house where he can collect all his books in a small place? A bookcase that fits in the palm of your hand is an incredibly happy gift for minimalists. On the other hand, given the ever-expanding applications and stylish elegance of wearable technology, there are many more options that can turn into perfect gifts for your minimalist friends: smart bracelets, modern ultra-modern smartwatches, tablets with a small function, you can steal the hearts of your minimalistic loved ones with the help of technology.

Subscribing to digital platforms

You can gift a premium membership to your minimalistic relatives who love listening to music, watching videos and spending days full of movies and TV shows. Digital subscriptions can be the best Christmas present for minimalists; because they don’t take up space and are very useful. Virtual environments where they can watch the movies and series they want, whenever they want, arrange and listen to music to their liking, will make them very happy. Today you can find many options for such a gift; Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Gain… Before you buy a gift, try to find out which digital platform your friend’s favorite TV shows are on. 😊

sustainable tableware

You may have already noticed that your relatives who lead a minimalist lifestyle do not like disposable products and do not prefer them in everyday life. Particularly in the kitchen, you can replace your kitchen utensils, which generate dozens of plastic waste and take up a lot of space every day, with eco-friendly products. You can make wonderful Christmas gifts from wax bags, food lids, fabric storage bags, washable baking paper, etc. Also, you can give mesh bags or flasks and thermoses that they can safely carry around, to make purchases. pleasure is more sustainable. You can not only make a choice in favor of nature, but also please your loved ones who have made minimalism part of their lifestyle.

Bonus: do good

If you’re trying to find a gift idea for a minimalist who doesn’t really want anything, you can donate on their behalf to organizations they care about and value. You can make a very meaningful New Year’s surprise for your minimalist friend who is both socially responsible and doesn’t really want anything as a gift. You can also develop this option more creatively. You can plant trees on behalf of your Minimalist loved ones, register them as volunteers with charities, or adopt a homeless pet in their name.

Each gift you choose, respecting his lifestyle, will show how much you appreciate him.

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