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Skin care mistakes can make our skin look bad and unhealthy. So, what should you pay attention to when cleansing your skin? How should we cleanse our skin? Let’s find out the details together.

Skin care mistakes

Skin health and care is an issue that worries many people, especially women. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful with mistakes in skin care. Of course, everyone is happy when our skin looks clean, healthy and young. The dust and dirt that we encounter in everyday life sticks to our skin even if we don’t realize it. If we do not cleanse our skin regularly and properly, it can lead to an unhealthy appearance, skin deterioration, enlarged pores, and even unwanted conditions such as pimples and blackheads. Therefore, removing makeup should not be the only reason for clearing the skin. Cleansing our skin in a certain order and correctly will allow us to have healthier, younger and more beautiful skin.

We talked about how important skin cleansing is, but how we clean our skin is also very important. Cleansing your skin with rumors and products and inaccurate ways will be just as harmful as not taking care of your skin. It is very important to access the correct information on the subject, clean the skin properly and use the correct product.

A lot of incorrect information about skin care, but in social networks, but by hearsay. It is important for our skin to reach and apply the right information on the subject. What are these mistakes in skin care, let’s deal with them.

Washing the skin with water only

Skin care mistakes

It is a misinformation that washing the skin with only water will cleanse our skin. Water is just a cleanser for our skin and it is wrong to expect our skin to be completely cleansed using only water. You can complete your skin cleansing in the best possible way with skin cleansing solutions.

Ignoring seasonal changes

Skin care mistakes

Another mistake in skin care is not to take into account seasonal changes. With the change of seasons, the hormonal background in the human body also changes, which leads to many changes in the human body. Our skin can be drier, oilier, or normal depending on the time of year. Therefore, it will not be right to clean the skin with the same care product every season. In this case, it will be best for our skin to use the appropriate product at the right time, observing our skin according to the season.

Cleansing the skin with children’s products

Skin care mistakes

Many people think that baby products are safe to use because they are made in a way that does not harm the baby and that they can clean the skin well. When we look at it, this information is completely wrong. The reason for this is that the pH value of the skin of infants and adults is completely different.

The pH value of the skin is different in every age period, and using a product suitable for the pH value of a child will not be the correct skin cleansing method for adult use, and it may even cause damage to our body. leather. If you clean your skin with baby products, you should change this habit and use special cleansers that are suitable for your skin type.

Misuse of products older than 40 years

Skin care mistakes

Another mistake in skin care is that anti-aging skin cleansers are used by all people over 40 without exception. This use should be determined by the specialist not according to the age of the person, but according to the needs of the skin, and the use must necessarily be so.

People with oily skin should not use moisturizer

Skin care mistakes

One of the most common mistakes among the population is that people with oily skin do not use moisturizers while cleansing their skin. Even if the skin is oily, using the right moisturizer after cleansing to maintain the balance of moisture and oil is the right way to cleanse and keep the skin healthy.

Wrong preference for peeling products

Skin care mistakes

When it comes to exfoliation, many people think that the harder we clean their skin with granular peels, the better it clears up. But that would be a big disservice to our skin. Our skin is sensitive and cleaning the contents with harsh products can scratch and permanently damage the skin. In addition to this, using the wrong scrub, pressing the skin too hard with a towel, and treating the skin with harsh and inappropriate facial brushes can also lead to scratching and damage to the skin.

By addressing these misconceptions about skin cleansing for skin health, we can make our skin look better. We have provided information about the mistakes and truths in skin care, now let’s talk about how to clean the skin.

How should we cleanse our skin?

Skin care mistakes

In order not to make mistakes in skin care, you should know how to apply skin cleansing. A lot of information about skin cleansing is circulating on social media, in the news, on programs where celebrities share their cleansing and skin care routines, or around us. For the health of our skin, it is very important to get the right information and cleanse it with the right products suitable for our skin type. So what is proper skin cleansing and how can we do it the right way? Finding the answer to this question is actually not at all difficult.

To begin with, we must definitely determine our skin type with the help of an expert and observe how our skin reacts to variable factors such as environmental factors and seasons. After completing this step, the rest will be to cleanse our skin using the right product for our skin in the most correct way. After acquiring products that are dermatologically tested, of high quality and free of ingredients that can be harmful to the skin, all that’s left is to learn how to use these products correctly and establish our skin cleansing routine.

What we need to know for proper skin cleansing

Skin care mistakes

First of all, getting up in the morning and in the evening before going to bed, we should wash the skin with the most appropriate and proper remedy for ourselves. At this stage, it is important to use warm water when cleaning the skin of the product and leave the skin slightly damp for proper cleansing.

It is also very important to change the towel we use to dry our face and the pillow we use at short and regular intervals to prevent skin contamination and clogged pores. After cleaning the skin, wiping it with an insufficiently clean towel or lying on a pillow will cause our skin to become dirty again.

It is also very important to use products that do not scratch the skin during makeup removal. For our skin, it is best to use mild creams and make-up remover water with organic cotton, if possible, or with a cloth or sponge that will not damage the skin.

The choice of moisturizer is also important for the durability of skin cleansing. Choosing the right moisturizer that won’t clog pores will make our skin look even easier. We must keep the cotton, towel or sponge that we use on the skin in a sterile place and, if possible, we must protect it from external influences.

Along with that, it would be very wrong to buy a skin cleanser just because it is on sale or cheap. When choosing a product, regardless of price or brand, it’s important to look at the ingredients and buy the right ingredient to cleanse your skin properly.

What is the right skin cleansing according to skin type?

Skin care mistakes

We talked about the importance of cleansing the skin according to our skin type. So, what should be the procedures for different skin types? If you have oily, acne-prone skin with blackheads and pore problems, using a toner during your cleansing process is a very good method as it will help remove excess sebum and dead skin from your skin.

If you have dry and sensitive skin, it’s best to choose products that contain the least amount of chemicals. If you have a combination and oily skin type, it will be correct to use separate and suitable products for oily areas and dry areas of the skin, since oiliness will be in the area of ​​the nose, forehead and chin, called the T-zone.

Those with this type of skin can cleanse it properly with low-alcohol toners and water-based moisturizers. And of course, as in everything else, washing your skin too much and constantly cleaning it is harmful. Exfoliating every day also damages our skin. What matters is not how often we wash our face or clean our skin, but how and by what means we do this cleaning process. For this reason, if we want to have healthy and clear skin, we must first find out our skin type, find the right products for our skin, and use these products in the most appropriate way.

It will not be difficult to have healthy and clear skin when we learn the most accurate method of skin cleansing and get rid of the wrong information that we think is correct.

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