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Signs that you have too many things


My stuff you watched the movie? towards minimalism This is a great piece if you are interested or looking for inspiration to get rid of unnecessary and unnecessary things in your life. Petri Luukkainen He decides that he has too many things and puts an experiment on his life. He packs all his things and puts them in the warehouse. But everything! So much so that she remains naked in an empty apartment. He allows himself to take only one item from the warehouse each day. Underwear, T-shirt or towel… He has nothing. Therefore, he must make a wise choice. AND during a year The ongoing adventure begins.

What a crazy undertaking, when you think about it, isn’t it? Not to mention reducing the elements, a person removes all of their elements and makes choices one by one. Although this is an extreme and limiting experiment, in fact the human understand what he “really” needs pretty efficient. So much so that it inspired many people and people from different parts of the world began to say it. There are plenty of examples on YouTube too. If you want to watch one, you can click on it.

Almost from the moment we were born “always have more” -more money, more clothes, more possessions- We are guided, but the truth is that more often than not, it gives us less satisfaction, less freedom, or less peace.

You may not be prepared for such a challenging experience, or “It is not necessary” you can say -and you have your fair share- but you can still take a step towards simplifying your life, getting away from everything that does not serve you and that you do not really need. Here are some tips to help you and increase your awareness: You have too many items signs showing…

If by the end of the day all the rooms are a mess

It is unrealistic to expect our living quarters to always be clean. Especially if we live in a cramped home with kids… So it’s perfectly normal and acceptable to be messy from time to time. However, if all the rooms are cluttered by the end of the day, this could be a sign that your home has too many things.

If you can’t figure out where your money is going

Let’s face it; Money means money. The more goods we buy, the more money we spend. Especially if we do not see these items in front of our eyes all the time, we forget that we are wasting money. If your balance of income and expenses is confused at the end of the month and you are worried about “where did all this money go”, it would be useful to look around. The answers might be in a drawer, in storage, on an unused top shelf, or in the back of a closet, waiting for dust to collect.

House cleaning takes much longer than it should

Each house has different dynamics, widths, amount of furniture, dust levels and pollution frequency; In fact, there is no universal cleaning recipe. Of course, it is difficult to determine rates such as washing windows in 15 minutes, dusting in 10 minutes, or vacuuming in 5 minutes. However, a house that is regularly compiled and assembled every day and is not cleaned more than necessary can be cleaned in 1-2 hours in proportion to its size. If you have too many items, you’ll have more room to organize, dust, clean, and tidy up, which can make cleaning a never-ending process. After finishing cleaning, “How could it take so long!” You probably have more than you need.

If your children are constantly waiting for you to buy something

For children “do what i say don’t do what i do‘ is not very appropriate. Because they are very good observers and closely monitor the behavior of adults. So the actions of parents teach children a lot about life and priorities. If your kids are constantly looking forward to new toys or clothes from you, this can be a painful sign that you are always looking for “more” in your home.

If you are constantly stressed at home

Our home should be a place where we relax, recover, refresh ourselves at the end of a tiring and stressful day and return to ourselves. So much so that when we lay down on the couch like “Oh there’s no place like home“We should be able to tell. Our homes should serve as a port where we take refuge in our troubled world. However, if you are constantly stressed or anxious at home, if your living spaces haunt you or even put you in a depressive mood, it may be due to the fact that the crowd of furniture in your house overwhelms you.

If you are constantly cleaning your house

Is there a constant rush at home? Do you feel the need to keep organizing because you can’t find what you’re looking for in the place you’re looking for? Are you running around with organizers, baskets, boxes in your hands and trying to collect something? If your answers are yes, the reason for this endless search for an order may be that you have too many items. It also indicates that since you have so many items, none of them have their own permanent place. So, the sad news: you probably have a lot more stuff than you need or want!

If you don’t use most items in your home

We often use what we really need in everyday life and they become an integral part of our home routine. On the other hand, we forget about the existence of some things, they do not even come to our minds. Even when we meet them at home, we are met by a thick layer of dust. “Oh, it’s here…” We are speaking. When you look at items in your home, what percentage do you actually use regularly? Unused items not only take up physical space, but also create clutter around you. Remember; To create a fulfilling and happy lifestyle, you must fill your home with items that give meaning and value to your life; not with unused, forgotten items.

If you often lose things and spend a lot of time looking for them

“Where is the remote control, lost my keys again, can’t find a baby bottle, etc.” sentences take a big place in your life; Let me remind you: In a dirty house, things are very often lost; in an apartment building, they are often in a mess. Because he never collects. Or it gathers, but soon diverges again. So if you’re constantly losing things at home and spending too much time looking for them, it’s time to cut back on things. It means you have a lot of things. We must also admit that looking for something lost after a while is very unpleasant. So don’t be nervous anymore, let things go!

If you can’t take action by saying “I need to reduce the number of items”

He often complains about the crowd in your house, i need simplification but if you cannot take action, then you have more than you need, and more than that, this situation bothers you. But the truth is that things don’t fall apart on their own; on the contrary, over time it becomes larger, because we always tend to accumulate more.

If you say “I need more space”

As your items accumulate, you may find that you need more and more space to store them. You may have started using rooms you don’t normally use as storage space by filling up a vacant room or garage. You may even have rented or are considering renting an outside warehouse to store your belongings.

However, you do not need more space, but less items! If you want to start simplifying your life right now, you can check out our other articles to inspire you:

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Source: Becoming a Minimalist, theplainsimplelife

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