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Short hairstyles: 13 ways to style your hair


Hair is one of the most important elements that complete our image. Most women find that long hair is more beneficial. However, the short hair that has rocked the fashion world in recent years is just as stylish and easy to use. Short hair that is both practical and stylish is the perfect option for those who want to express their bold style! If you want to shorten your hair and give yourself a new style, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will find 13 different short hairstyles. If you’re ready, let’s dive into the glamor of the short hairstyle and enjoy some exciting changes to your hair.

1. Slightly torn bob

The bob hairstyle is one of the most classic haircuts. The “slightly wavy bob” or, in English, “breeze bob” style refers to hair cut to shoulder length or slightly shorter. This style is designed to achieve a natural look. The fresh bob is a style that is mostly used on curly or wavy hair and is complemented with soft waves or loose curls.

For a Kaia Gerber look, start styling your hair with a moisturizing serum, then blow-dry it with a round brush. Make sure it’s not straight! Then separate the middle strands of hair and curl the ends with tongs or a straightener. You can get a more natural result by curling some of them towards the face and others away from the face.

2. Mixed bob


Hair that looks like it just got out of bed has never looked so good! Halle Berry’s messy coats are visually casual and add a bit of fun.

3. Curly hair


“Shag” usually describes a layered haircut, while “Curly Shag” refers to this layered haircut style used on curly hair. “Curly Shag” is aimed at giving the hair a voluminous, natural and careless look. This style often brings out the natural texture of curly hair and creates a casual, cool look.

If you have straight hair, dry it upside down by moving your fingertips back and forth for maximum volume. Use tongs to create the wave you want.

4. Long pixie


Stylish short pixie Sonoya Mizuno combines elegance and a little laziness. The long pixie is really the perfect model for those who love the look but are afraid to cut their hair.

5. Carefully assembled handles


You don’t have to constantly use the recommended models just because you have short hair! Bunches can generally be used on hair of any length. This stylish chignon with low to medium parting (smoothly gathered hair at shoulder level) is a casual yet versatile hairstyle. Retro chignon is usually preferred by people with straight hair. After preparing the hair, collect it in a ponytail and divide it into two parts. Then make a bun from one piece and wrap the other around it. Secure it with a few wire clips and you’re done.

6. Tousled hair pulled back


Freshly combed hair is everywhere. The reason for this is quite simple, because this model is both stylish and easy to handle! Start by blow-drying the sides and back of your head, close to the roots, in the direction you want the hair to lay. Then go ahead and add volume to your hair by pointing the blow dryer forward with the round brush. At this stage, you can fix the desired part of the hair with gel. Dry shampoo can be used to add volume to the hair roots. Finally, comb your hair back with your fingers, and that’s it!

7. Textured bob

The textured bob is known as a hairstyle that gives extra volume to the hair. However, unlike the straight bob, the textured bob adds movement to the hair. Rihanna proves that this style can add volume to fine hair. You can use a glossy spray to get a wet look. Don’t be afraid to cut your bangs in short layers. You can wear it on the side like Rihanna, parted in the middle, or swept up like a curtain.

8 Beach Wave

If you have slightly longer hair, you will love this look. To create waves that look like they’re from the sea, you’ll first need tongs. Dry damp hair without heat. Then divide it by two. Start swinging the tongs in large areas. If you twisted one piece in one direction, pinch the other in the opposite direction. That’s all.

9. Bob with tassels

Zendaya looks super cool with that goofy bob. In the photo, the famous star is actually wearing a wig, but you can achieve this model with your natural hair. While your hair is damp, apply softening balm from roots to ends, then blow-dry with a flat brush for smoothness. In this model, we are not trying to add volume to the hair. So be careful not to add volume to the hair roots while blow-drying.

10. S-wave fraction

If the bob is too short for you, try the forehead style! Especially this S-shape model looks very beautiful in retro style.

11. Textured forehead with bangs-curtain

When it comes to cool hair, think Alex Chung. Despite the fact that the host’s hair is quite simple, she is so beautiful! Divide the bangs into V-shaped sections, starting at the highest point of the head and diagonally to the eyebrows. Using a medium-sized round brush, pull the hair forward away from the face.

12. Wavy pixie

“Textured Pixie” with the English name “Wavy/Textured Pixie” is one of the most modern looks. Pixie haircut is a style that is usually short and straight, cut above the ears or shorter. However, a version called “textured pixie” gives the hair a textured or wavy look.

To make this model, you will need a hair dryer and a flat bristle brush. Direct the hair where you want with the brush and follow it with the blow dryer.

13. blunt bob pushed back

For a perfectly straight and blunt bob, you can pull your hair back and fix it with a spray. You can also use gel, but you can use a little less depending on the thickness of your hair.

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