Self-acceptance: “Seeing things as they are.”


How do we accept ourselves?
Are we one of those who seek perfection on the path to goodness and love?
Or are we addicted to a state of recovery?

Sometimes it’s time to take a step, sometimes it’s time to observe what is happening. We heal or get injured in the natural course of life. Healing doesn’t always take effort. Of course, taking the step for yourself is worth the effort. But this is what will happen not out of necessity, but through becoming and flowing. “There is no beauty by force” is really beauty with love and feeling. Every beauty in our life happens when we accept certain things. In fact, we can see our bad sides or our troubled states as beautiful by accepting them. Because our hearts are open to see what is.

We are people, and inside of us there will always be this black spot, bad sides and bad character. We will scream, get angry and cry when we least expect it. Emotions show up at unexpected times. Here is the surprise and uncertainty of life. The evening of a day that seems to be going badly can end in wonderful feelings and vice versa. We are not in a world where goodness or happiness always flows. We are in flowers, we are color in color. Therefore, there will always be differences and innovations. This range is different for everyone.

The time of stagnation is different for everyone, the moment of change is different for everyone. We are also updated under the influence of age and experience, but mainly as we get to know ourselves and some of our sides.ok that’s how it was”, there is an update that comes with acceptance. Although everything seems stagnant, we find it difficult to see some of our views. Or we find it hard to see other people’s attitudes. The situations we cannot accept in them are due to what we do not accept in ourselves.

Let’s think about what would happen if someone from our family or friend did not characterize the behavior as bad? We couldn’t make a list of things that wouldn’t happen in ourselves. Everything that we consider good or bad, we choose for ourselves. But it is difficult to say that I will be an unbiased person, a person is a judging being and chooses by his judgments. May be “I will judge less on the outsideYou can make an offer. When this offer is chosen, you see and accept yourself as such. If a family member or friend has this habit and judges people from the outside, that’s their choice. And while you consider yourself open-minded because you don’t judge others, you may unwittingly judge a family member or friend who chooses this attitude. And then you enter the same cycle. Here is the actual acceptance state; “I have chosen this attitude, but it is not up to me whether others will choose it or not.“When others do the opposite, even if it comes close, the ability to remain neutral in mood shows that you have changed your attitude too. Or sometimes you can judge and “I don’t like to judge, why did I do it now?” Instead of blaming yourself, remember that you are human and may experience other emotions from time to time. Or see behind why you’re doing it.

Describing himself as a good person; You can make mistakes about stretching, attention, or many other things. For others, it is considered “bad”. So neither you nor the other can be pure good or bad. We swim in the sea of ​​choice. Therefore, the side that everyone takes in himself is different. Take your side (good, bad, color) if it doesn’t suit you, and if you believe you can change that, take a step. But don’t force anything, sometimes it’s better to accept that color, or there are lessons you need to learn to change that color.

accept yourself is to look at the way to be a man with peace. Sometimes a child, sometimes a journey of growing up, sometimes making mistakes, sometimes the pleasant feeling of being human.

Self-acceptance should not be an ego choice. When we truly accept ourselves, we accept the color and choice of everyone out there, that’s their path and karma. Every state of rejection causes us anxiety. Because there is something outside or inside that we do not like, it will always be so. If we educate ourselves on the path of love, love also has this black mark, when we know it, the state of acceptance can be easier.

If we are to open our hearts to the path of love, we must face our darkness and shadows. “I faced it.” Instead of saying that, we should understand that everyone has this side and this confrontation always happens. Do you think everyone has to deal with this? Is not that person whom we sometimes call pure evil a teacher for us in this world? We enter the field of compassion by trying, seeing, or making a choice.

Because this world is like a kindergarten, the kindergarten teacher treats every child with the same love. A child whose parents mistreated him may want to hurt everyone at school. Even if it hurts us, it starts to teach. We take pain to find love. And darkness to find light. It supports duality. This is the scheme of the plan, and we cannot call it wrong.

The most beautiful thing we can do in this world is to see all the feelings and accept all the feelings.. Is he always sincere, warm and loving? Have you ever yelled at someone you love for not understanding you? Didn’t you want him to change because you saw how upset he was? Behind the scream “I love you, so I want you to understand me.” or behind the effort to change “I love you, so don’t suffer and don’t change.” Can’t offer suggestions like

Sometimes this effort is sincerity, it just hides behind its role as a savior. We are not saviors, we are spectators. So such sincerity is not very sincere if it plays the role of a savior. But because you can experience this unexpected emotional state (yell, get angry, judge…), the space is open for you, you are sincere in this area. What you need to be aware of may be related to the feelings and thoughts you carry inside.

Sometimes the other person may not understand and suffer. Or the path to understanding and overcoming pain will not be found by you, but by him. That is why he must accept this person’s misunderstanding and allow him to understand in due time. In the same way, he should give space to the person who is in pain (if he is in a difficult psychological zone that he cannot overcome, he should help, but not interfere). The field of learning and giving to the world of each soul can be different or similar.

In this world, not everyone can accept everyone, and neither can you. Your boundaries and values ​​may not match. But you accept the existence of this person, “Yes, I acknowledge that he has this experience, but I do not agree to accept it in my life.” you can say. But self-acceptance is the way to the core. If you have blocked your life, if you cannot get out, the state of acceptance also makes it easier for you to get out.

Sometimes we don’t accept ourselves because of our ego, “No, he can’t do it, he can’t scream, he can’t get angry, he can’t make mistakes, he can’t joke.” we have a lot of thuja. Yes, we may have defined our boundaries by our choices, but have we made ourselves a prison out of those boundaries? When we say let’s accept ourselves, can we say that we should not leave this area and accept what comes out? Have we looked everywhere for our kind so as not to see that we do not accept others?

We can search our tribe to see that we accept that we are on the path of love. But there are people who live in your alley, are your neighbors who are on the other side of the world. He has different temperaments than you, he has boundaries and views. How acceptable would you be if you were with people who didn’t have the same values ​​as you? Yes, they can hurt you, but it’s a matter of will. If you have a strong will, other people’s habits do not concern you. Acceptance requires considerable willpower and respect for the path of others. Because the respect you have for them comes from your belief in an infinite love for the universe and order.

You are not playing piety, you are experiencing what is, you are indulging in worldly adventures. Therefore, it is impossible to accept the absolute good and look for absolute limits. Strengthening willpower, seeing weaknesses, adopting those traits that make you feel good, you accept it, realizing that you are not harming the outside and yourself. Sometimes you don’t have to be stubborn, even if you don’t want to be. Because you don’t like that part of you, it will change over time anyway. Only I don’t like Instead of talking, it might be better to put willpower first and put in the effort. Sometimes embracing a light state of being. Don’t try, be who you are, know that you are enough. Would you love yourself if you had no talent, no job, no power, no loved ones? It is precious to look here, respect and accept your pure existence.

Then it becomes a real state of “accepting” what talent you have, whatever your values ​​and boundaries. Making a list in case I do this or that too and accepting myself is not a purely loving way. It is a to-do list and the hug you will discover is the opportunity to embrace the pure state of a child, one who only cries and eats. Why can’t I accept If you say so, your introspection is active. There are new things you are learning, a world you are trying to see. Experiencing these stages, moving through life in this way brings you the deepest confrontation and possibly an embrace. Look in the mirror with compassion, everything is there.

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