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As we entered the most colorful, fun and enthusiastic period of the year, we Christmas mood It’s time to decorate it to reflect that. Well, have you already started preparing for the New Year’s decoration, or do you think it’s time? If you think it’s too early to start decorating your home, even though the New Year’s enthusiasm has already surrounded you, this article may change your mind. After all, scientific research shows that the sooner you decorate your home for the New Year, the happier you will be. Yes, a lot of research from different years, the opinions of specialists in the field of psychology and personal experience, Christmas decorationsThis shows that it has a positive effect on people’s psychology. So, it’s time to act.

When people decorate their houses for the New Year feel much happierStudies drawing attention to their tics also show that they become more friendly and helpful people. Decorate their homes with Christmas decorations increases dopamine levels and increase their happiness. This allows them to have hopeful days, feel much better and look forward to the new year without losing their excitement. Why wait when we can multiply our happiness with a little bright light and a few decorative ornaments?

By starting to treat yourself well today, you will spend each day feeling at peace. inspiring spend at home, new hopesinspired by new goals increase your motivation and most importantly, all you have to do to feel so much better is start decorating your home for Christmas. In any case, it is impossible not to enjoy such a pleasant job … Who would not want to be greeted with cheerful Christmas tree decorations when you come tired from work at an hour when the sun’s rays have already left the environment?

From touches that warm your heart to dazzling décor, from delicious scents to delicious food, details that will remind you of your happy memories. reflecting the Christmas mood It’s time to consider all the colors that will bring the spirit of Christmas into your homes. You can take action without wasting time for a gorgeous home decoration that will appeal to all your senses. Remember, the sooner you prepare, the greater your happiness will be; Christmas mood can not be postponed 😊

christmas decoration ideas

Here are some tips on how to bring the New Year mood into your home, where you can warm your home even more, fill it with joy and save beautiful moments:

1. The smell of Christmas throughout the house

If Christmas had a smell, what would it be? Cookies with cinnamon, orange, pine, vanilla or cocoa that take you back to your childhood… For all of us, when we think of Christmas, a few special flavors come to mind. Maybe the food our mom cooked on New Year’s Eve as a kid, maybe our grandma’s famous cookies, maybe the scent that reminds us of our old home…

The sense of smell, which promotes good memory, has a cutaneous effect on our memories. You can contribute to the fragrance of your home to make the moments you spend unforgettable and create happy moments for yourself and your loved ones. If you wish, you can create a pleasant atmosphere with scented candles, incense, air fresheners, or you can enrich the air at home with homemade scents.

2. The perfect harmony of red and green

When it comes to Christmas decorations, Christmas decorations, or Christmas preparations, the first colors that come to mind for most of us are undoubtedly red and green. Aren’t these two colors that we can’t combine with each other in our daily lives beautiful for our eyes as the new year approaches? Red decorations on a green pine tree, red candle holders, green wall decorations… You can make wonderful Christmas decorations by using red and green objects together to achieve a great harmony.

What’s more, you can bring this harmony to your tables. You can easily capture the spirit of Christmas with green plates or napkins with a Christmas tree pattern on a red tablecloth. You can create a wonderful energy in your home by paying attention to the small details of the tables, which will appeal to both taste and vision.

3. Dance of colorful lights

New Year means hope, it means bright, it means bright future. Lights and mirrors will help you make a few touches that will brighten up your home decor and make you feel nervous. You can use mirrors that will make the room look wider and more spacious and will reflect the colored lights from all sides, or you can choose brightly embroidered yellow ones to better reflect the Christmas mood.

In addition to the lights you decorate on your Christmas tree, you can also opt for colorful strip or LED lights that you can add color to, lighting up different areas of your home. Waiting for the new year in a bright environment will fill you with excitement every day.

4. Soft and warm touch

Although it is not clear whether we will enter the new year with a white blanket, it will be cold before the snowflakes fly … In December, when we enter with windy, stormy and torrential downpours, you can celebrate the New Year in an atmosphere that will warm you with tiny touches that will warm your home and yourself. Deer-patterned pillows, red and green decorative pillows, wool throws, red fluffy socks to hang over the fireplace… All of these will help warm your home, breathe in the Christmas spirit and spend every day of winter warm with your loved ones.

5. Clean energy, luck and abundance in the new year

In preparing our homes for the New Year, another matter as important as decoration is that its energy be pure. By burning sage or bay leaf, you can walk around the house, you can cleanse the house of negative energy using dry lavender. Stay tuned for our new article which will include more detailed suggestions for cleaning up bad energy in your homes. 😊

By providing your pure energy, you can add small touches to increase your luck and abundance in your home. Especially before the start of the new year, with pomegranates in homes, adding kohin known as poinsettias to decoration, placing bamboo plants believed to bring good luck, and of course, using elephant essential items can be the kind of change you want. bring into your home. home when you enter the new year.

6. Bonus: DIY Decor

You can buy ready-made decor items, one more beautiful than the other, or make your own if you have the time and interest. But if you are thinking of making it yourself, you should start as soon as possible, we tell you. 😊

From scattered dry cocoons, you can decorate your pine tree, from felt you can design sets suitable for the table, and you can sew new covers for decorative pillows from fabrics containing New Year’s colors. You can make decorative items out of craft paper, art clay or plaster and then paint them in your desired colors. You can make your own Christmas tree with dead branches instead of pine, or you can make decorations that can be hung from unlit light bulbs.

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Let’s prepare our homes in advance and increase our happiness, and we look forward to the new year coming as soon as possible. We are ready for 2022, full of hope, where our tears will flow only from happiness, where there will be peace and warmth in our homes!

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