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Saturn Retrograde in Pisces: Time for Justice in the Court of Heaven


Lord of Karma, Lord of Time, Saturn!

It will be retrograde in Pisces from June 17 to November 4, 2023. Saturn is the furthest planet visible to the naked eye and therefore represents the boundaries. He is a great time manager and also the lord of karma. It shows why you came to life.

Its symbol is the opposite of that of Jupiter. Therefore, while Jupiter shows the areas where we will develop and grow in this life, Saturn shows the areas where we will be limited, constrained and tested. It is about old age, wisdom and maturity. It shows responsibility, power, order, discipline and maturation as a result.

Saturn represents written rules and Jupiter represents unwritten ethics and moral values. He is exalted in Libra, so he is also related to justice. This ensures that the person comes into balance with the reward and punishment system as a result of their actions.

It acts as a bridge between time and eternity. Life is not only our body in this world. The ruler of karma measures our respect for the universe, for life. What is our respect for ourselves and the entire universe in the existing order? He challenges them and limits them until they learn.

The house in which Saturn is in the birth chart shows what area he is in this life, and the horoscope in which he is located shows in what subjects he will be subject to examinations. In other words, it’s really about what the “soul” needs to mature. For all these reasons, it makes us question all of our actions in the long run when Saturn goes retrograde. The old and wise teacher runs a series of tests to make sure the lesson is understood. He looks at the results of the exam and puts his grade … This is how karma begins to be worked out. Everyone gets their gift according to their report card… In short, Saturn retrograde times are a time to “reap what you sow”. The only place those who experienced negativity during these periods should look back is their past actions…

From March 7th, when Saturn collectively moved into Pisces, it will once again reveal the issues that are on our agenda. The ruler of Pisces, Neptune, will be retrograde in Pisces during the same periods. The second ruler of Pisces, Jupiter, is in Taurus, so Saturn retrograde in Pisces highlights that we will have busy plans for the Taurus and Pisces symbols.

All over the world there is a depreciation of money, the introduction of new laws and regulations on economic and financial issues, ethics, morality and sexuality. In addition to this, new rules regarding epidemic diseases, the seas, sea creatures, damage that can be caused by water, floods, floods, medicines, anesthesia, doctors, health workers, hospitals, prisons, religious buildings and clergy, as well as new regulations on substances derived from narcotics may be enacted by legislation. At the same time, the collapse of political groups, betrayals, the disclosure of hidden secrets, the agenda associated with secret sects and societies, psychological disorders and an increase in suicide cases can come to the fore.

May our merit be good in those times when Saturn gives examination marks…

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