Relationship between father and child: why is it important, how to develop them?


Research shows that fathers spend less time with their children than mothers. In fact, the average daily time mothers spend with their children is more than double that of fathers. Work-life balance, working hours, living conditions and a wide range of environmental factors can of course influence the time difference, so no one blames fathers. But especially in early childhood father’s involvementout, so fathers are actively involved Its significance is much greater than one might think. Healthy father-child relationshipplays a decisive role in the development of the child and throughout his life. Fine, what to do dadhow to develop these relationships, How can he build a healthier bond with his children and have healthier communication?? Let’s first look at why the father-child relationship is important and share some tips to help improve that relationship.

The active role of the father in the development of the child importance

All scientific research conducted in the past and discussed at the present time, the active role of the father in the development of the child agree how important this is. Moreover, father involvement not only contributes to the development of children; It also helps strengthen the relationship between father and child, support the mother’s psychological, social and emotional well-being, and strengthen communication within the family. the active role of the father in the development of the child;

Benefits for the child:

  • It supports cognitive development.
  • Increases self-confidence and sense of self-control.
  • Increases performance.
  • It promotes social, emotional and psychological well-being.
  • Prevents and / or reduces the effects of depression in the preadolescent period.
  • This reduces the challenging behavior.
  • Improves the quality of sleep in young children.
  • Improves the overall health of children.
  • This reduces the risk of accidental injury.

Benefits for the father:

  • It supports the establishment of a healthy relationship between mother and child.
  • It promotes a new sense of purpose and meaning.
  • This encourages stronger social networks.
  • Provides motivation to improve holistic health.

Benefits for mother:

  • This reduces the risk of depression.
  • It supports the holistic well-being of mothers.
  • This improves communication and relationships between parents.
  • Increases lactation.
  • This promotes a healthy pregnancy process.
  • This reduces the chance of a miscarriage.

In short, the influence of the father’s participation in the process, which begins with the mother’s pregnancy and includes the birth of a child and its development throughout his life, is quite large. So, what should be considered in order to improve the father-child relationship?

How to build a healthy parent-child relationship?

Here’s what dads can do to build strong relationships with their kids:

get sucked in

Be involved in every moment of your child’s special time, from his/her journey in the womb, taking the first step, reading his/her first book, painting his/her first picture, in short, sharing with you. Talk to him while he is in the womb, change his diaper after birth, take a bath, feed him, in a word, without making any difference between parents in raising children. Take an active part in the process of your child’s growth, share responsibilities.

Be an active listener

It doesn’t matter if he is 3 or 13. Always take on the role of an active listener for your child. Sometimes children may feel like they are not aware of what is happening; For example, you may think that your child is not paying attention to your phone when you listen to what your child is talking about while you are talking on the phone. While the children they are very good observersThe realization that you are not really listening to them makes them feel worthless and distance themselves from you. Because pay attention to your child and when you find time for it “really” be there with your whole being.

Make the most of your time together

“What is this quality time!” you can complain; because all the experts, all the studies, are talking about it. Let’s talk right now; Quality time means being with your child not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally, and spending time together with them. Making good use of time, in short, baby giving importance to their needs, taking care of them, participating in enjoyable activities together and sharing meaningful experiences This means. Make sure to spend quality time with your child to establish strong communication and build a loving bond.

Develop common interests

Develop common interests with your child to make your quality time even more effective. What does your child like?what he is capable of, what he wants to try, the answers to all these What do you have in common with your interests? what, think about all this. Ask your child; What activities would he like to attend with you or what moments you share together make him very happy… The more time you spend, the easier it will be to find and implement the answers to these questions.

express your love

Let’s face it, dads don’t always know how to show their love. While there is no reason to doubt their love, it can be difficult for them to figure out how to express it. So, it’s good to start with the simplest and most efficient way: “I love you.” means. Of course you love your child very much. However, this how often do you talk Children need unconditional love, and as a parent, you can be sure that they are loved every day.

Create a sleep schedule

Bedtime is a great time to connect with your baby. Before bed, talk to your child about how the day went, draw a picture, or read a storybook. Discuss what they think about tomorrow. By establishing this routine, you can better understand your child’s thoughts and feelings and strengthen the bond between you. You can also let your child feel how much you enjoy spending time with him.

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