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After a long wait, the season that represents the most hopeful, active and new beginnings of the year with its enthusiasm that stirs our hearts, the awakening of nature, the flowers of many colors and its fragrant scent, is finally with us. After months of cold, rainy and dark days, it’s impossible not to marvel at the colourfulness, vitality, fresh air, wildflowers, blossoming trees and the refreshing light of spring. That is why the spring season represents new beginnings and hope in many cultures. All we have to do is lie in nature with books reflecting the energy of this glorious time of year, ride for hours under the sun and travel to magical worlds between the pages of books. In our article, we have collected the best books that reflect the spirit of the spring season, when nature awakens again, which should not be abandoned in the spring. Here are the best spring books:

The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery

One of the first books that comes to mind when it comes to hope is, of course, The Little Prince. While it’s actually known as a children’s book, it has a philosophy that can be revisited over and over again throughout a lifetime, allowing you to discover something new every time you read it. We can all learn a lot from The Little Prince at any age, and spring is the best time to read this book again!

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Emissions – Malcolm Gladwell

While we think about why some people are more successful, most of us conclude that these people are smarter or more ambitious. But Malcolm Gladwell says the true success story at Outliers is very different, and to understand why some people succeed, we need to take a closer look at their environment. Explaining that the success story is much more complex and interesting than it seems at first glance, Outliers reveals what the Beatles and Bill Gates have in common, what is the secret of Asians’ extraordinary success in mathematics, the unknown advantages of star athletes, and why New Yorkers have everything lawyers have the same summary, and why the smartest man in the world explains that you haven’t even heard his name. With the help of this book, you will be able to say goodbye to your stereotypical beliefs that prevent you from achieving greater success, and set off on a path to new beginnings on the path to success.

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Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor E. Frankl

Man’s Search for Meaning, written by Austrian psychiatrist Viktor E. Frankl, will become one of the favorite books of those who want their hopes to bloom in the spring. Frankl is a Jewish concentration camp survivor, and the book contains inspiring anecdotes about how he and others in the camp can maintain hope even when hope is deliberately destroyed. Although it is set in a depressing atmosphere, we are confident that you will read this book in one breath, which has a strong ending and emphasizes the importance of maintaining hope even in the most difficult conditions.

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams

Delicately crafted with absurd events and sci-fi touches, this captivating work is embellished with plots that take you from adventure to adventure in your place and broaden your horizons. The hitchhiking of Arthur Eden, the hero of our book, which began with the sudden destruction of the planet, contains amazing details about the life path of man.

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Three Poems – Nazim Hikmet

Üö Poetry, a wonderful book for those who want to crown the romantic and hopeful atmosphere of spring with poetry, is a book that enriches the poetry of Nazim Hikmet, one of the immortal poets in the history of the republic, with the works of Sedat Girgin. great drawings. The moment you read this delightful book that will warm everyone from 7 to 70, you will feel the joy of life blossoming within you.

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Fairy Tale Therapy – Judith Malika Lieberman

Storyteller, coach, and art therapist Judith Malika Lieberman describes it as “a compass to carry around in your bag” and is designed to help you decide which direction to go when you find yourself at a crossroads. This book, which will take you on an unknown journey to new beginnings, is full of short stories, the meaning of each story, exercises to help you apply the lesson from that story to life, and wonderful quotes.

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Shell Man – Asli Erdogan

Even for those who do not like spring and summer, this wonderful book will take you on a pleasant journey towards endless beaches, comfortable and happy people, shells and summer holidays. You can be sure that you will read in one breath a hopeful story of hopeless love on a secluded island in the tropics, and when you close the cover of the book, you will be overcome by a joyful feeling, as if you had just returned. from vacation.

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Life Needs Calmness – Free Legless

Do you remember the last time you stepped on the ground with bare feet, inhaled the smell of the sea, looked at the waves for hours, watched the sunrise or sunset? Would you like to slow down a bit and be more in the moment to witness this magnificent transformation during the spring months when amazing changes take place in nature? In this peaceful work, Özgür Bakaksiz shares with us very important clues about the beauty that slowing down, stopping and calming down can bring to our lives.

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Remember that a happy life depends on a few – Marcus Aurelius

Although it was written exactly 2000 years ago, this book, which will always be relevant, is an eternal guide to a happy life. The Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius, who went down in history as the last of the five emperors who ruled Rome best of all, tells us in this book that there is little in a happy life, and that there can be no higher goal than to live worthily in a mortal world. . Marcus Aurelius will inspire you with his strong philosophy built on a simple, simple yet happy life far from ostentatious.

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Nature’s Last Child – Richard Louv

“The Children and Nature movement is based on the fundamental idea that the child in nature is an endangered species, and the health of children and the health of the Earth are inextricably linked.” Richard Louv

Nature’s Child, a handbook for parents who don’t want their children to be part of a generation that grows up without meaningful connections to nature, plays a major role in shaping and spreading the “Return to Nature” movement, which is rapidly spreading around the world. the world. Worldwide. In Nature’s Last Child, Richard Louv illustrates that there is a link between the large increase in obesity, attention deficit disorder, and depression in children and young adults and the fact that nature is becoming less and less involved in children’s lives. while at the same time presenting a roadmap that can change this situation.

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Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll

This book, which occupies an important place in both children’s and adult literature, offers a magical world with its rich imagination and attracts attention with the depth of meaning of the symbols contained in it. Lewis Carroll, also known as a mathematician and logician. unforgettable work Alice in Wonderland, takes those who miss their adventurous childhood on an enjoyable and fantastic journey.

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How to live life? – Ilber Ortaily

Ilber Ortaili, academician, historian and writer, who is often mentioned for his extensive knowledge and style; this time we are faced not only with answers, but with a question for which there is a whole book of answers: “How to live a lifetime?” Ilber Ortaily, who from early youth made knowledge and work his philosophy of life, How to live life? In his book, he offers readers a unique guide to life based on his own life experiences. In his work, he conveys his views on many topics in the most accessible language, from the turning points of human life to the right methods of work, from choosing a profession to learning a language, from travel to art.

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Lagom, Lykke, Hygge – Linnea Dunn and Meik Viking

Comfort and peace are presented as a philosophy of life full of happiness in the cold geographical latitudes of the north. Danes Hygge and Lykke, Swedes Lagom, 3 different philosophies of life that are the key to the door to happiness. Written by Linnea Dunn and Mike Wiking, these three wonderful books reveal the secrets of a happy Scandinavian life to readers through engaging storytelling, colorful and enjoyable enough to be your springtime reference books.

Ikigai – Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles

Ikigai, the Japanese secret to a long and happy life, tells a philosophy of life that focuses on where the driving energy comes from, which gets us out of bed every morning and engages us in the hustle and bustle of life. Talking about how you can achieve ikigai when you do what you love, do well, do something that serves humanity and makes money, this book explores in its simplest form why we need to find the reason why we get up. out of bed in the morning. with enthusiasm. Ikigai takes us on a journey within ourselves to find our life purpose and what makes us happy, and invites us to take action to be ourselves.

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Little black fish – Samed Berengi

It was evening in the middle of winter. In the deepest part of the sea, the old fish grandmother gathered her children and grandchildren, who numbered twelve thousand, and told them a story…

The Little Black Fish, which is in the category of children’s books, like The Little Prince, contains details that adults will love to read and will touch on many aspects of your personality. The story of a revolutionary tiny black fish, this book is filled with inspiring anecdotes about courage, determination, perseverance and not giving up. You will read this very short, enjoyable and inspiring book with a smile on your face.

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Seagull Jonathan Livingston – Richard Bach

The plot of a seagull pursuing new goals, leaving the herd on the path of self-discovery, and finally continuing its life alone as a result of expulsion by the herd, the Seagull sheds light on the human passion for freedom from the outside. perspective. In this book, which conveys to the reader the herd psychology and personality through a touching story, you will find a lot of information about the motivation, hope and determination needed to move forward.

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The Art of Being Happy – Bertrand Russell

The Art of Being Happy, full of suggestions by Bertrand Russell, one of the most prominent thinkers of the 21st century, for those who want to lead a good life, explains the secrets of happiness in a realistic and realistic way. a simple perspective that we’re not used to seeing in personal development books. According to Russell, happiness is not one of the basic human rights that some people can take away from us, but something that we can achieve only by our own efforts. The Art of Being Happy is more than a personal development book, it’s a popular philosophy book that will encourage you to take responsibility for your happiness, learn about yourself, and take action on what you want to change in your life. and make you think a lot about your life path.

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Candy Orange – Jose Mauro de Vasconcelos

We are guests of the sad but hopeful life of little Zeze in Şeker Orange, one of the unforgettable works of literary history that we all read with love, young and old. This novel, which tells us how love, one of the most basic human needs, can change everything, lack of family communication and poverty in its simplest form, manages to set itself apart from its counterparts with its storytelling that allows you to empathize with all the characters, good or bad. .

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