Recommendations for sustainable and long-term solidarity after the earthquake


on the morning of February 6unfortunately in the country you shocked us all We woke up with the news. In past big earthquakes Although we lived in the country, this time a disaster, hundreds of thousands human life constant the way has changed. Kahramanmarash earthquake made material and moral damage This is not the kind that is easy to overcome. Like after an earthquake stuck together quickly We donate the collected aid to needy areas, as well as to people and other living beings affected by the earthquake in the region. constant financial and moral support this must go on.

After social disasters such as earthquakes, most people experience negative mental conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder and compassion fatigue, even if they are not directly affected by the disaster. Statistics because of all this, disaster relief and empathy Generally it takes a short time shows…

However, after the earthquake More than a month despite the passage of time, people in the region are still shelter, food and drink, safety satisfy their basic needs, such as they can’t afford. That’s why we despair overcome what pulls together We must not forget that we can come. without forgetting about it ways to be kind to each other We must call and do our best to make the days that cannot go on like before.

Here in the earthquake zone people and other creatures As soon as possible reintegrate into life for them to be one of the steps you can take in the process of long-term solidarity some.

1. Be pen pals with a child or adult

“Looking for pen pals for children and adults affected by the earthquake” especially in advertising in social networks you may have come across. We all know the impact genuine emotional support from someone we’ve never met can make during difficult times. That’s why we don’t know you from afar. our sisters, our children support them letter you can send. Written activities are usually municipalities and voluntary institutions organized. For this with your municipality You can contact us or those who help with correspondence by taking the initiative, such as counseling psychologist Elif Nazli Karabachak and mindfulness coach Gürcin Gökçebag. expert volunteers You can search.

2. Volunteering individually or in certain organizations to promote animal nesting.

After a terrible disaster, like people, other creatures need to be relocated to safe areas and treated. In this regard, you can voluntarily contribute to the reunification of all owned and stray animals with their new homes.

After the earthquake Turkish Veterinary Medical Associationcreated a solidarity and coordination platform called, where veterinarians meet. So some of Istanbul and Ankara veterinary clinics, joined together voluntarily and contributed to the transportation of our animal friends to safe areas and their treatment. This is a great example of solidarity. Maybe it will help you too do what you know best You can start.

3. Support for local manufacturers and small businesses operating in earthquake-prone areas.

For long-term solidarity after the earthquake Hatay, Kahramanmaras, Gaziantep, Adiyaman and other provinces affected by the earthquake. merchants, entrepreneurs and all types of businessesWe must support as much as we can. For example, each region has its own tomato paste, tarkhana, spices, olives There are products like Even buying the products you need from people and businesses in the respective regions can have a positive impact. Not only food from small businesses producing their own handicrafts You can also shop.

At this moment you local producers It’s good to be represented. is a website that can be easily used by people who want to support local producers in an earthquake area. only on site access to local producers not only do you stay in the earthquake zone manufacturers and their relatives can also visit the site through the application form. can register.

4. Support the long-term work of the Turkish Education Foundation.

We have been working for equality of opportunity in education in our country for many years Turkish Education Foundation (TEV)also mobilizes all its resources for scholarship holders and young people of educational age affected by the earthquake. To support young people in distress Sustained research planned by TEV you can follow. For example, you can make regular donations to TEV scholarship funds. Just click here to view and get detailed information.

5. Volunteering to unite children and youth with art through the Association “Artistic Transformation”.

Artistic Transformation Associationcalls for the rapprochement of children and youth with art. Do not remain indifferent to calls made through the association. equipment or financial support can provide or volunteer at seminars You can be. Thanks to all these donations, the association plans to organize workshops in various fields such as painting, music and photography in earthquake zones. For details, you can visit their Instagram page by clicking here.

6. Support for students whose instruments were damaged in the earthquake along with the musician.

One of the best examples of solidarity musician exhibits. A musician to support students whose instruments were damaged in the earthquake. “Donation Support Card” offers. With this card you can also become a student. tool cost can take over completely repair expertise support and the level that music students can use. you can donate a tool. Let’s also say that the organization is looking for volunteers to conduct art workshops for children in the earthquake area and evacuees from the region. You can click here for detailed information.

7. Contribution to the list of current needs of the Disaster Platform

Selflessly working on the collection and delivery of aid from the first day of the earthquake. Disaster Platformregularly, especially in earthquake zones. updated lists of needs exchange. You can also provide regular assistance by following these updated lists. For detailed information just click here.

8. After solidarity concerts

After the earthquake, various principles were created by artists in a variety of principles. solidarity concerts held. You can also organize such events in the city where you live. next You can support solidarity. For example, one of them At Zorlu PSM March 30, 2023 planned to be “Stage of Solidarity”. Each seat in the concert will contribute to the student’s learning. for myself to support participation ticket how can you get, without attending the event Only contribution You can also provide. Click here for details.

9. Provide regular rental assistance to those in need

To heal the wounds of the February 6 earthquake Izmir Municipality and Needs Map We have announced to you the One Rent One Home project, which has been re-launched in cooperation with you. Considering that the needy people affected by the earthquake will be in need of rental housing for a long time, you can still help people through the project. open your home or get regular rental help you can be found. For detailed information and support, just click here.

10. Make regular donations to reliable institutions working in earthquake zones.

Dude need a map Such organizations have been hard at work since the first day of the great catastrophe. You can make solidarity sustainable by making regular financial donations to these organizations. You can click here to donate to The Dude and here to donate to the Needs Map.

11. Volunteering in the field to provide first humanitarian and psychological assistance.

World Association for Humanitarian Solidarityduring March, in Hatay warehouse and humanitarian aid and psychological first aid in the field Looking for volunteers to donate. Association request, form only Persons who can take part in the field on the indicated dates filling. If you would like to contribute to meeting basic needs in the region, please fill out the form here.

12. Make donations for women and girls affected by the earthquake.

Flour Women Turkeycontinues to work with all his might against the devastating effects of the February 6 earthquake, together with his partners. Natural disasters such as earthquakes affect certain groups, such as women and girls, in different ways. To learn more about this topic, you can view our article on the topic: Why and how should disaster relief be targeted at women and girls?

UN Women, the urgent needs of girls and their families. started dating support fundraising To do this, just click here.

13. Participation in individual trainings on disaster communication

Even though we live in an earthquake country with this natural disaster we experienced recently, how much do we know about it? we are unconscious we saw it again. At the moment, this is a responsibility that falls on all of us. disaster awareness we are thinking. At this moment you BAK Kadikoy held regularly every weekend One-to-One Disaster Communication TrainingWe would like to inform you about. Every Saturday and Sunday at 13:00 and 15:00 in training what to do before, during and after a disaster eager to learn. You can click here to follow training sessions that fill up fast. Moreover, such training from different institutions you can put. Let’s go to our related article to find out about other training institutions where you can get training: Prepare for natural disasters and emergencies: what kind of training can we get and where?

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