Ready to be the hero of your own story in the new year?


What was 2022 like?
Were you able to close your accounts?
How did you start 2023?
Have you managed to leave behind what is and what is not?
How are you?
Do you have real courage to answer this question?
Are you happy?
Are you worried?
You’re sad?
Do you yearn?
Are you full of enthusiasm?
How are you?
Do you know how are you?

Let’s play while the year is just beginning?

Stand in front of a mirror that you find in your home:
Look into my eyes for a few minutes
Let him cry, laugh, no matter what happens,
Then put your hand on one of your hearts
Listen to the beats of the heart that has given you life since you were born,
Maybe it will pour out by itself (in your own words):
with what you did
With what I couldn’t do
with your walk
with your strength
With your fragility and fragility
With your endless love for life
with their wounds
In your efforts to bear your wounds,
with its history
with your fears
with their enthusiasm,
with my tears,
start again and
with your courage to be changeable,
By your effort to understand, to understand,
I can’t, from where you said I had no strength
‘Cause you can get up again
I’m proud of you!

This year, I promise to put you first and do my best, remembering that we are the heroes of this story.

I love us so!

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