Pursuit of Health Episode 9: Running to Stand Up


When you want to return to your essence, calm down, listen to your head, get away from everyone and everything healing power of natureWe are sure that you have discovered many times… the soothing birdsong, the soothing effect of the sea, the sweet smell of the earth and much more. it’s good for our soul and mind definite. Many studies support this view. One of the most effective means of maintaining holistic health, the healing touches of “nature” are almost a cure for the fast pace and intense anxieties brought by the modern world.

best wishes is a wellness industry pioneer who knows and shares that nature can provide these benefits and more. global health institute V wellness with nature relation between “Run to stand still” He talks about his video. In this article from the Health series, where in recent weeks we have shared publications such as “Take Responsibility”, “Music for Neurodiversity”, “Sleep Well”, “Dance Towards Happiness”, “Healing Hearts Completely”,run to stopWe are dealing with the issue.

The video talks about the special power of “water”, the most powerful part of nature that you may not have noticed before. Castle Hot Springs to the practices of the health-retreat center. Why and how should we communicate with nature? highlights and more. “Sometimes the best place to escape a stressful life is to get into the water.” Amy McDonald, one of the center’s pioneers who adopted the center’s motto, says people are finally realizing that their most valuable asset is health, and adds: “Everything we do here aims to promote wellness and well-being, inspired by the tranquility and serenity of nature.” In a center that welcomes guests from different cultures from all over the world physical as well as emotional, mental, spiritual rest great attention is paid, and guests have the opportunity to take advantage of the full power of nature.

He said that rest is the most important condition for recovery. Castle Hot Springswellness center curator Colleen Inman says we can get the peace of mind we need from nature and find all the relaxing activities in nature. You can click to watch a video that will remind you of the power of nature and inspire you to connect with nature again and again:

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