Pursuit of Health Episode 8: Return to Tradition


be a parentUndoubtedly, this is an important turning point for many people. While it is an exciting, happy and loving journey, there is no doubt that it is just the same. tedious. Being responsible for the whole life of a little soul, watching her grow, teaching her life, taking care of her food, sleep, rest, shaping her education and much more, of course, is both difficult and pleasant for every parent. But for mothers, the journey of having a baby is a little more stressful…

In this journey, which includes many complex processes from pregnancy to the moment of childbirth, from the postpartum period to breastfeeding, stress, anxiety, anxiety, fear and, above all, the stress experienced by mothers.fatigue‘ undeniably… Korean mother Dr. Eunice Park she also neglected to take care of herself in the face of the difficulties she faced from her own experience as a mother. Supported by Korean traditions and, inspired by this support, shares its initiative to promote the welfare of others, global health instituteprepared In pursuit of health in the series.

From the Health series, we covered Music for Neurodiversity, Building Confidence, Dancing Toward Happiness, Healing Holly Hearts, and Finishing the Future. In this article we Steeped in tradition Let’s talk about video. Dr. Eunice Park showcases Korean traditions, rituals, customs, but above all, tea ceremonies love it all help her take care of herselfTherefore, he says that he opened the center to make these practices possible for others.

AIREM Modern Beauty Rituals At this center in New York, Dr. The park is one of the Korean healing philosophies.gwalliHe shares what he does, inspired by Gwalli, who delves into concepts such as healthy lifestyle, beauty, self-care, care of the mind, healing of the body, rejuvenation of the soul, spend quality time with yourselfmeans recharge. Inspired by the Korean concept of the good life, gwalle, women of all ages share common beauty rituals and unique life experiences with timeless practices at this center. One of the most important practices of AIREM, which includes Turkish baths, special oils, massage rooms and much more, is tea ceremonies. Meditative tea ceremonies While explaining that people have a beauty retreat here and focus on what is good for them, Dr. Park also mentions that everyone needs such care.

For an inspiring video that will fill you with peace and make you more aware, as you drink your next tea, connect with yourself and disconnect from the world for a few minutes:

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