Pursuit of Health Episode 7: Music for Neurodiversity


Pioneer in the wellness industry every week global health instituteWe are discussing a topic from the Wellness series prepared by Uplifers for you Uplifers readers. Over the past weeks, we have touched on important topics in the content of various videos such as Take Responsibility, Sleep Well, Dance Toward Happiness, Heal Whole Hearts, and in this article we will talk about music and neurodiversity.

neurodiversityis a term that refers to natural differences in the nervous system and brain functions of people. These differences explain the differences in how people perceive, think, behave and learn. Neurodiversity is a natural phenomenon that leads to brain diversity and the formation of different skills, abilities and problems. It is often used to cover neurological differences such as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, dyspraxia, Tourette’s syndrome. People with these and similar situations may experience various difficulties in social relationships, communication and self-expression due to their differences. For this reason, treatment is offered to people through healing tools such as various intervention programs and treatments. “MusicIt is one of the newest and most effective treatments.

If you find yourself calming down by listening to your favorite song when you are nervous and stressed, you can witness the healing power of music up close. However, the power of music does not stop there. Many recent studies music is also an effective treatment for neurodiversity. reveals it. Wellness Series Music for neurodiversity His video (Music for Neurodiversity) demonstrates that music is an effective tool to help children with neurodiversity express themselves in new ways.

Adam Ockelford, Professor of Music at the University of Roehampton “Music is an effective tool that helps the human brain develop and allows us to find ourselves, a way to express ourselves.” It highlights the existing power of music. And especially children with neurodiversity can relax to music, they can express themselves betterexplains that they can communicate by establishing successful dialogues. In the video, the mother of a child with autism, Christina Tully, says that her child calms down to music, rejoices when listening to her favorite song, and her reaction is in order. Myndstream, a center partnering with the Global Wellness Institute, uses music for health and wellness, and Christina’s son Max also attends the center. Max and many other kids who have the opportunity to develop their social skills in Myndstream can benefit from the healing aspect of music. If you are interested in more, you can watch the related video from the link below:

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