Pursuit of Health Episode 6: Taking Responsibility


Pioneer in the wellness industry global health instituteOver the past weeks, we have shared a lot of content with you in the Wellness Series, which brings together videos containing the opinions and experiences of experts in which . Good Sleep, Dancing Toward Happiness, Healing Whole Hearts were among the topics we covered earlier. In this article, we have chosen “March 8 International Day of Working Women”, which we think may be appropriate for this week we are celebrating.Take responsibility’ (To take responsibility) video. Highlighting the challenges the girls face, this video also includes promising steps.

Did you know that around 132 million girls worldwide are out of school and around 650 million women are married before the age of 18? in the world, especially in underdeveloped poor countries. The difficulties faced by girls are quite high.. They have to face serious challenges ranging from gender discrimination to denial of the right to education, physical and psychological abuse and lack of access to essential hygiene and hygiene products. Girls who from an early age begin to feel the burden of life on their shoulders, They marry and have children before they have lived their childhood, they have to deal with many diseases, they are completely cut off from education and business life, squeezed into a small, quiet corner of society.

In the “Taking Responsibility” video from the “Health” series, the non-profit organization “Soy nina, soy importantcharitable organization based in Dominica supporting the healthy development of girls and ensuring gender equality does an important job for Enabling girls living in this region to stay strong despite the difficulties they face, meet their physical, mental and spiritual needs and, most importantly, receive the attention and value they deserve, Soy niña, soy Importante shows girls that a better life is possible. . You can watch the full video to witness the work of the organization, which has touched the lives of more than 1,300 girls in the region and opened up space for them, as they say, to “breathe” and not only:

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