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Pursuit of Health Episode 5: The Power of Family Planning


Did you know that family planning is of great importance both individually, family and socially? Although family planning is often used as a synonym for birth control, it is much more than just birth control. Family planning, covering many topics from reproductive health to sex education, plays a critical role in the well-being of mother, child and family, as well as in social improvement. global health institute‘Glory In pursuit of health In our articles on the series last week, we touched on the subject of Ending the Future; In this article, we discuss “The Power of Family Planning” in the series (The Power of Family Planning) we will talk.

In addition to allowing couples to determine the size of their families, family planning is very important for women as it allows them to develop their own strengths, maintain their economic independence and maintain their holistic well-being. However, unfortunately, it cannot be successfully applied worldwide.

United Nations Population FundAbout 50% of the more than 120 million pregnancies worldwide are unintended, according to a report presented by . That is, women become pregnant unintentionally, without waiting. These unplanned pregnancies can also set the stage for many of the negative situations that stress women in the first place.

Sandy Milligan, Head of Research and Development at Organon, a global health service committed to building a world that matters to women, families and communities. “Family planning is a choice, and every woman in the world has the right to decide which trajectory her life will take.” He emphasizes an important point. On the other hand, stating that women had to drop out of school, quit their jobs or take career breaks due to unplanned pregnancies in the Power of Family Planning video, Milligan says that because of all this, educated, trained and self-developing women cannot reintegrate. into society.

Saying that the Organon aims to reduce the number of unwanted and unplanned pregnancies to 120 million by 2030 in underdeveloped countries, Milligan points out that it is important to raise awareness and knowledge, in particular among young people. If you’d like to watch the entire inspiring and informative video and get different perspectives on family planning, you can click on the link below:

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