Pursuit of Health Episode 5: Healthy Sleep


It is critical in many aspects such as regenerating the cells of the body, resting the body and mind, strengthening the immune system, increasing physical performance, and reducing negative emotions such as stress and anxiety. quality sleep is one of the most important components of holistic health. However, from time to time, sleep patterns can be disrupted due to various factors, and many people have to deal with sleep problems. global health institute also focuses on the importance of sleep and presents an informative video based on expert opinions and lifestyle tips to improve sleep patterns and improve sleep quality. Until now global health instituteprepared In pursuit of health From the series, we covered the topics Building Confidence, Dancing Towards Happiness, Healing Hearts Completely, and Finishing the Future. In this article we are the fifth video of the series. sleep well (Good nightWe’ll talk about).

In the “Sleep Well” video, Nick Hardcastle, one of Portugal’s Six Senses Douro Valley guests, talks about how he’s had trouble sleeping for years, and how his habits and lifestyle are affecting his sleep patterns, and explains, that he cannot fall. sleeps no matter how tired, lethargic or sleepy. Hardcastle, sleep expert Dr. When she started working with Michael Breus, she said that she could lift weights in her 20s, but now she has a hard time doing it. making the right lifestyle adjustments to improve sleep problems He says he’s taking action. Dr. Breus claims that they first worked to identify the causes of sleep problems, and then gave appropriate referrals.

On the other hand, Anna Bjurstam, wellness pioneer at Six Senses Hotels For good sleep, it is not enough to be healthy physically, it is necessary to be healthy emotionally and mentally. For this reason, he emphasizes that with a holistic approach, as in the case of Nick Hardcastle, improvement can be achieved. sleep, ‘health dominoesBjurstam, describing it as “When you start sleeping well, many things start to go well.‘ and argues that stress has a direct effect on sleep.

You can click the link below to view the anxiety log, barefoot nature walks, sleep routines, exercise, and many other practices that support quality sleep. browse the directions in a section that might interest you:

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