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Powerful suggestions for a greener approach in your kitchen


Who doesn’t love cooking, preparing delicious coffee and trying delicious recipes in a neat, clean, flavorful kitchen! Kitchens are perhaps one of the places in our home where we spend the most time, these are the places where we not only create fragrant delicacies, but also communicate with loved ones, spend pleasant moments with friends, chat with mom in the twilight. hood light for one hour at night, or collect fun memories with our children. In other words, the importance of our cuisine in our lives is much greater than we think; of course, the influence of our culinary habits on nature …

Eco-friendly kitchen habits

Do not use paper towels: Are you one of those people who immediately clings to a paper towel roll when food splashes on the counter, water spills on the floor, or when your hands are wet? By increasing our carbon footprint through the greenhouse gas emissions they cause, paper towels, which create unnecessary piles of garbage and are not recyclable, pollute the environment and hurt our budget. Instead of paper towels, you can get in the habit of using small washable towels, pieces of old T-shirts, and denims.

Instead of a sponge, try pumpkin fiber: Like paper towels, another kitchen habit that isn’t eco-friendly is, unfortunately, dish sponges. Classic sponges for dishes are made from plastic derivatives such as polyester and nylon, which are insoluble in nature and cannot be recycled for centuries, and also contain carcinogens that are harmful to human health. Therefore, it threatens both nature and our health. It’s very easy to find eco-friendly alternatives to these classic plastic-filled dish sponges. Natural pumpkin fibers, which are often found almost everywhere, can be a great help in cleaning the kitchen.

Reduce your use of plastic: Plastic containers, bags and straws that have not been dissolved in nature for years are also nature’s worst enemies. And, unfortunately, you can find such plastic products in many kitchens. However, they all have environmentally friendly alternatives. We can bring a sustainable approach to our kitchens with alternatives such as glass storage containers, bamboo straws or food lids that don’t go to waste in one use.

Close cooking combs: Another way to make our kitchen more sustainable is to reduce energy consumption. Considering that the temperature in the kitchen rises rapidly when using the stove and oven, we do not actually need to open the heater radiators in the kitchen. Moreover, our body temperature naturally rises as we are usually on the road while we are constantly busy cooking something in the kitchen. For this reason, it can save energy by closing the core of the kitchen, or at least reducing its heating to a minimum; we can protect our planet while saving our budget.

Reducing water consumption: Water is the source of life for all living beings, and treating water as an inexhaustible resource is one of the most harmful thoughts for our planet. Whether you leave a faucet running when you put dishes in the machine, drain water while waiting for the water to heat up, or use more water than necessary to wipe down surfaces like counters, hoods, stoves, and kitchen cabinets, you may be changing your habits. and consume water more consciously. Also, if you dampen a cleaning cloth with lukewarm water, especially when wiping kitchen cabinets, it will be easier for you to clean, so you can use less water.

Your oven is also environmentally friendly thanks to Arçelik Nano coating technology.

When we talk about the kitchen and cleaning the kitchen, one of the issues that we can never ignore is the stove and cooker cleaning. When it comes to cleaning your oven, it’s especially important to cut down on water consumption. One of the favorite places of stubborn stains is undoubtedly the ovens on which we cook delicious dishes. When we talk about overcrowded dishes, oil splatters, dried-on leftover food, we may be putting in extra effort to keep the stove clean. Therefore, the amount of water and detergent we spend cleaning the stove to get rid of these stubborn stains is higher than in other areas of the kitchen. So, is there a way to reduce it? Good news; eat!

The new member of the Arçelik Fibona built-in series, nano-coated cookers, make another climate-friendly development, revolutionizing the kitchen. While it takes 18 liters of water and 1.8 grams of detergent to clean tough stains from a conventional gas stove, 1 liter of water and 0.1 grams of detergent is enough to clean the same level of dirt in built-in cookers with Arçelik Nano Coating technology. In other words, easier, more practical and environmentally friendly cleaning is possible, using 18 times less water and detergents. What’s more, even fingerprints on the surface of Arçelik built-in hobs with a special nano-coating technology are easily wiped off and do not leave stains.

With Arçelik nano-coated built-in cookers, we can save both personal energy and the water we consume, as well as a superior cooking experience and start a sustainable move from our kitchens.

With our eco-friendly Arçelik nano-coated ovens ready, it’s time for the eco-friendly dishes we’ll cook in this superb culinary experience. Yes, real food! It is possible to cook organically by finding new recipes to appreciate our leftover meals, by composting without throwing away the skins, roots and stems of fruits and vegetables, but most importantly by purchasing the most delicious meals that will be made with organic ingredients. friendly stoves. In addition, a weekly meal plan and a shopping list based on it is the best way to show respect for nature, protect natural resources and strengthen your personal budget.

Climate Movement pioneer Archelik inspires us to leave a greener world for tomorrow with climate-smart technologies. Now it’s our turn to act! Let’s be the heroes who start the change. Let’s improve tomorrow with the climate-smart actions we take today.

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*This article was prepared with the assistance of Arçelik.

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