Positive thinking leads to positive behavior


They say that yesterday is yesterday, we give yesterday the opportunity to determine our today. Doesn’t every situation turn into an opportunity? Who do you think you were born to, what your soul is meant for, what lessons you learned, light the rocket with those who have been in your saddlebag since yesterday. Now; Is it time to give up or is it time to start? Time to give up or time to demand? Time to spend the day or time to good use?

Let’s light a flash for you by reviewing the formulas that have been set up for you, but without being asked. We women tend to carry the stressful burden of others. We focus and strive for what they want and let it seep into us. Then the burden that we cannot bear causes anxiety in us. I know your to-do list is full, I’m constantly looking for new tasks. Fine You say it and divert attention from yourself. If you don’t fight the emotional storms you experience due to premenopausal hormonal fluctuations in order to properly manage stress, you will remain calm and happy and arrive safely on dry land. Speaking of happiness, happiness is not a full-time job. ‘Three apples fell from the sky and they lived happily ever after.Although it is difficult for us who grew up with the phrase “menopause”, it corresponds to the period in which we learn, passing through the filter of experience, that there is no endless happiness.

We spend our days not noticing how gifts are wrapped around us. When we look at what we have as a gift, the difficulties we experience become experience, not torture. We can choose to be happy, or even choose to be happy. How does that sound better, right?

  • Look for opportunities to laugh more often.
  • Stop fighting with yourself inside and start living.
  • Pamper your soul.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Set small goals every day.
  • Share your goals with loved ones.
  • Reward every step you take.

Positive thinking + Positive action = Positive behavior

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